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Dell Technologies Partners with Centre of Excellence for Cybersecurity (CySecK) to Promote Cybersecurity Ecosystem in Karnataka


CySecK, the Government of Karnataka’s Centre of Excellence for Cybersecurity, the nodal agency to promote a cyber-safe and conducive environment for industry collaboration, has partnered with Dell Technologies India to strengthen cyber-security in Karnataka. This partnership is driven towards building a safe and secure digital environment for students, start-ups, government, and other stakeholders in the state.   

As part of this collaboration, Dell Technologies through its “Tech for Social Good” initiative will roll out interactive courses on cyber hygiene best practices for school students which will also be made available in Kannada. These programs will also be curated for small and medium scale enterprises as well as for government functionaries.   

Through its ‘ASCEND’ program, Dell Technologies will offer tech mentorship and bundled solutions whereby CySecK’s cohort of start-ups would acquire relevant exposure and assistance on various aspects, including go-to-market strategies, appropriate value additions to the products/ services to be offered thereby promoting their scalability. The program will also include ‘Tech Teardown’ sessions where Dell Technologies experts are going to have 1:1 session with select start-ups, to aid them with a technology and cyber security roadmap for business optimization.   

Mr. Manish Gupta, Vice President and General Manager, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies, India, said,Under the partnership, Dell Technologies will also be working with CySecK to improve the ‘Cyber Recovery’ maturity for both private and public sectors in the state. “With the changing cybersecurity landscape, it is crucial that governments and decision-makers in the public sector heed to the impending vulnerabilities and upgrade their remedial strategies. CySecK’s initiative to collaborate with Dell Technologies to strengthen cybersecurity is exemplary for other public sector entities who should be encouraged to collaborate with IT leaders to prepare for the future. As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, securing data, applications, and devices now calls for a more mature approach that leverages innovative technologies for scale and intelligence, aligns around the business rather than the threats, is proactive in recovery planning, and defends the organization as a whole. Through this partnership, Dell Technologies has the opportunity to strengthen cyber-resilience across sectors, while educating students, MSMEs, businesses and other government-led entities. This is an encouraging step towards seamless governance in the tech-era.”  

Dell Technologies is additionally aiming to explore thought leadership through CySecK, focused on creating a safe and trusted environment that reduces systemic risk while increasing security of the supply chain ecosystem. Dell Technologies plans to conduct webinars and knowledge sharing series by domain experts on innovation, technology trends and efficient digital infrastructure with the objective of providing cutting edge technology guidance solutions and improving cybersecurity preparedness in the state.   

“On the occasion of signing of the MoU between Dell Technologies and Centre of Excellence for Cybersecurity, I would like to congratulate both teams for coming together to address the emerging challenges in cybersecurity and taking the needful action. With respect to cyber hygiene, creating awareness about cybersecurity among the new entrants such as the students will probably go a long way to make us understand the challenges and security risks that come with computerization or the digitalization. Along with that, digital literacy and ensuring digital security is equally important. I personally appreciate devising a framework to ensure and build the right policy, environment and ecosystem of resilience which lays out a path of recovery in case of an attack. With our forward-looking approach, we are focusing a lot of talent building and quality of learning. We believe that in the coming years, our society will be completely equitable and inclusive where there is no lack of opportunities,” said, Dr. Chikkakalya Narayanappa Ashwath Narayan, Minister of Information Technology – Biotechnology, Science and Technology; Skill Development, Entrepreneurship & Livelihood; Higher Education, Government of Karnataka. 

 Mr. Karthik Bappanad, Centre Head, Centre of Excellence in Cybersecurity, said, “It is great to see how Dell Technologies is aligned to make Karnataka, a leading cybersecurity hub in the country. We aim to build a strong and holistic cybersecurity environment for the people of Karnataka. Through this partnership, we will be able to create awareness among students, start-ups, and government bodies while also reaching out to IT teams across the state to build a cyber resilient ecosystem. The government has a vision for Karnataka to have a 300 billion digital economy by 2025 and this kind of digitalization needs a strong foundation of cybersecurity. We are grateful to Dell Technologies for their support. I am sure we, at CySecK, will be able to leverage their expertise to build a strong cybersecurity ecosystem in the state.” 

Mr. Ripu Bajwa, Director and General Manager, Data Protection Solutions, Dell Technologies, India, said, “Cyber security best practices are continually changing as the landscape of cyber threats continues to evolve. Dell Technologies is happy to partner with CySecK to enable a more cyber secure and resilient ecosystem for the State of Karnataka. Through this partnership, we wish to leverage our expertise in cyber security to protect stakeholders from the most extreme forms of cyber-attacks and provide the state with technology solutions that will empower them to keep their business agile, secure, and growing, in today’s rapidly changing environment. We continue with our mission of enabling start-ups and businesses from tier I and tier II cities to grow in a sustainable future. Transforming for modern security provides Dell yet another opportunity to meet our customers’ needs and drive innovation for human progress. We are hopeful that we are going to positively impact the supply chain infrastructure for the state of Karnataka through this partnership,”

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