Cynet Opens CISO Community for Shared Insights and Actionable Intelligence to Improve Business Resiliency

Cynet (, provider of the world’s first autonomous XDR platform, today announced a new Slack-based CISO Community that provides spaces for Information Security (InfoSec) leaders to discuss trends, problems, shared challenges and more. The community provides a platform for members to share knowledge, expertise, and experiences while benefiting from a network of like-minded veterans.

The community is primarily dedicated to those security leaders who are outside the Fortune 2000. It is meant to be a place where security professionals can find the support, answers, and community that reflects the needs and realities of members. Leadership at larger organizations tend to have multiple avenues, networks, and communities available to them, and they also have different challenges. Smaller, resource-constrained cybersecurity teams have tougher, unique issues and fewer places to go when they need to leverage the expertise of others to gain solid advice from those who have gone through similar situations.

Managed by vCISO, cybersecurity researcher, ethical hacker and Cynet Chief Strategy Officer Chris Roberts, the community provides senior cybersecurity professionals with several membership benefits. To start, new members have the opportunity to build a network of colleagues to collaborate with. Likeminded peers and collaborators in the community will support others through shared experiences, insights and guidance. As part of the CISO community, members gain from actionable intelligence and tactics to better educate and improve their defensive strategies for a more resilient cybersecurity infrastructure.

Cynet has responded to the industry’s need for greater collaboration and support with the sponsorship of this new space by and for resource-constrained InfoSec leaders. It is a real space for security leaders to come together and discuss, learn, and engage in valuable conversations with peers. The CISO Community formally opens its doors on April 29th and those interested can join at the following registration page:

Since the late 90’s, Chris Roberts has been deeply involved with security research and development, consulting, and vCISO services to help protect and defend organizations against various types of attacks. As a well-known hacker and researcher, he is routinely invited to speak at industry conferences and is regularly featured on CNN, The Washington Post, WIRED, and numerous other media outlets.

“This is a safe space for those folks often overlooked or forgotten by our industry,” said Chris Roberts, Chief Security Strategist for Cynet. “As an industry we spend too much time chasing the trophy clients and ignoring everyone else. That paradigm has to shift and this is meant as a first step in the right direction to help everyone else that’s been forgotten.”

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