Cybersecurity Startup, ThreatQuotient Strengthens Industry Threat Intelligence with ThreatQ Data exchange

ThreatQuotient Advances Industry Threat Intelligence Sharing With Stronger Data Curation Capabilities

On Monday July 12, Startup in cybersecurity, ThreatQuotient announces the launch of the ThreatQ Data Exchange, which enables analysts to easily share curated threat intelligence within and between related organizations.

ThreatQ Data Exchange enables analysts to easily set up bidirectional sharing of any and all intelligence data within the ThreatQ platform, as well as scale sharing across multiple teams and organizations of all sizes.

It is a powerful new component of the ThreatQ platform that is critical for gaining more control over threat data collection and dissemination. This data collection enables analysts to efficiently share focused, curated threat intelligence, which has a significant impact on the overall security operations success of their organization.

“An analyst’s ability to efficiently share focused, curated threat intelligence has a significant impact on the success of their organisation’s overall security operations. ThreatQ Data Exchange is a powerful new component of the ThreatQ platform and is critical for achieving more control over the collection and dissemination of threat data,” said David Krasik, Director of Product Management, ThreatQuotient. “ThreatQ Data Exchange allows our customers to create custom data feeds with their aggregated data to share within and external to their organisation. By providing the flexibility to share specific threat data without limitation or worry of exposing data that organisations prefer not to share, ThreatQuotient enables a collective understanding of threats and fosters a safer way to collaborate and share intelligence.”

Using ThreatQ Data Exchange, any multi-tiered threat intelligence sharing network where control and monitoring must be available to a global administrator will gain a faster and easier way to operationalize threat intelligence. Larger government entities with distinct intelligence teams and missions that collaborate and share relevant intel on a continuous basis; MSSPs that provide multi-sector or geo coverage to end customers; and large or medium-sized commercial organizations with a global presence or segmented business units are examples. Individual teams can operate in accordance with their specific requirements and missions, as well as collaborate with partners, without limiting the breadth of data they want to share or leaking data they want to keep private.

A principal cyber security analyst within the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) shares, “ThreatQ has enabled us to organise our Cyber Threat Intelligence into a structured database that lets us use it in ways we previously could not. The consolidation and sharing of information related to each piece of intelligence and the automated ingest of many intelligence feeds has also increased the speed at which awareness is achieved throughout the organisation. We continue to pursue new ways to further push the automation and integration of ThreatQ into other security products to further utilise the intelligence we obtain through ThreatQ.”

Today, the DOD is leveraging the ThreatQ platform to assist warfighters in dealing with the massive amounts of data they have access to, understanding relevance and priority, and acting effectively and efficiently. ThreatQ Data Exchange enables these services to share curated, vetted threat intelligence with their peers across the DOD. Because the exchange is bi-directional and point-to-point, any participating partner can identify and share threat intelligence in the form of Indicators of compromise and known related indicators to the central aggregation point for distribution to the other partners. The ability to share curated threat intelligence with counterparts in security creates a force multiplier for all participants.

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