Cyara Launches Toll-Free Number Validation Capabilities


Cyara, provider of the award-winning Automated Customer Experience (CX) Assurance Platform, launches Toll-Free Fast Check, a new product offering that reduces the manual, labour-intensive task of managing and testing toll-free numbers (TFNs) that requires significant resources and labour costs for many enterprises.

Every day, millions of toll-free calls go unanswered or are misdirected, which can lead to loss of revenue, introduce risk of penalties, and impact the ability to deliver flawless CX. For many companies, testing toll-free numbers is a manual exercise that creates significant cost and effort in hiring or using up existing labour resources to test each TFN. Additionally, manual test results can take weeks, even months, which delays planning for marketing campaigns or preparation for seasonal peak periods. Finally, the risk of not identifying defunct TFNs can lead to non-compliance fines and revenue loss from paying for unusable TFNs.

“Our mission at Cyara is to respond to modern industry needs with innovations that solve actual business challenges, and Cyara’s new Toll-Free Fast Check solution is a prime example,” said Alok Kulkarni, CEO of Cyara. “We strive to help organisations modernise and adapt CX testing processes, regardless of where they are in their digital transformation journey.”

Many industries rely on TFNs to support marketing campaigns, provide support for seasonal and emergency services from utilities or government agencies, and prepare financial and healthcare institutions for peak periods. Toll-Free Fast Check enables CX teams to provide agility and responsiveness when supporting these causes through automated validation and reporting if TFNs are active, identifying defective numbers and confirming first-level interactive voice response (IVR) prompts are accurate and up to date.

Delivered as a concierge-style white-glove service, there is no set-up, subscription or training involved or disruption to the business or other test efforts.

This offering includes:

  • Automated toll-free number testing and IVR prompt validation for enterprises, with zero manual effort
  • Automatically generated report detailing whether TFNs are operational and identifying defective or inactive numbers
  • Transcription of first-level IVR prompts, so you know if messages played are accurate to intent
  • Detailed reporting on status or cause of any call failures
  • Support for any volume of TFNs to serve businesses from small to enterprise

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