Companies can Now Sign Legally Binding Documents on Live Video Calls

Secured Signing, one the world’s most trusted digital signature providers, today launched live Video Signing. This gives companies the power to sign legally binding documents on a video call.

Mike Eyal, the Managing Director of Secured Signing, said data showed companies were shifting more of their work online due to COVID-19. This shift has been driven by many countries updating their electronic signatures acts to allow documents to be signed and witnessed over video calls.     

“What we are now seeing is that COVID-19 is changing everything about how most businesses operate. There is a sharp rise in remote work, and companies are no longer able to meet in person to witness and sign contracts. With Secured Signing Video Signing, the entire signing process takes place on a live video call.”

Digital signatures provide built-in proof of the signer’s identity and intent. Live Video Signing comes with even stronger identity verification features, making it difficult to dispute contracts. This protection, known as non-repudiation, means the identities & intent of everyone signing the document are confirmed and recorded. So, no one can later deny signing the document.

Secured Signing’s Video Signing also delivers a better customer experience with the signing meetings on the all-in-one platform able to be setup in seconds allowing more time to go through details of the contract and clearly explain them. The whole process is easy, fast, and safe, added Eyal.

“You’ll now be able to sign documents using video signing, from any device, anywhere in the world. So, for example, now notaries or lawyers or financial advisors can start a video conference with the document they need signed and walk the signee through the document in a live, recorded video with the final signature added at the end of the conference call.”

Eyal said the goal was to provide simple, secure signing in one easy-to-use tool.

“Our customers won’t need any additional video conference software. The signed document has an access link to video session recording that is password protected and can be viewed after signing meeting has ended”.

“COVID-19 has disrupted our lives. It’s not business as usual right now. Organizations are responding in their own way, and there’s a lot of doubt and uncertainty. One thing is certain is that we have to adapt, and technology makes that process a lot easier. We hope our video signing feature will give businesses the tools they need to finalize documents safely online,” said Eyal.

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