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Commvault Unleashes Innovations in Mobile Access, Control & Automation

Commvault receives over a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating in Annual Support and Services Survey, beating industry averages

Commvault, a global leader in enterprise backup, recovery, archive and the cloud, announced the launch of Commvault Mobile Advantage App and the Automated Proactive Solution System (APSS) framework, bringing new innovations in mobile access, control and automation to customers. The new innovations coincide with the company receiving over a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating in its annual support and services survey review – continuing its excellence and support in the rapidly evolving data protection and information management market. The rating marks the sixth consecutive year that Commvault has exceeded industry averages in performance and customer satisfaction, enabling customers to reduce risks, lower costs, and maximize the return on their Commvault Software investment.

Laura DuBois, Vice President Enterprise Storage, Server and System Infrastructure Software Research, IDC said, “While increasing threats of cyber-attacks, data breaches and ransomware continue to put enterprises on high alert, having a reliable world class customer support program in place in the event of a disaster can make all the difference to an organization’s success. Commvault’s customer performance and satisfaction rating compliments our own recent survey of Commvault customers which concluded high satisfactions levels in driving value from Commvault Solutions. This powerful mix of technology and support gives Commvault a competitive advantage and more importantly, gives customers the peace of mind knowing their data is safe and protected.”

New Innovations Signify Next Generation of Commvault Support

To extend Commvault’s industry leadership in customer performance and support, the company is bringing innovation to the Customer Support Experience with the launch of Commvault’s Mobile Advantage App and its APSS framework, which is an integrated proactive solutions delivery system. The framework proactively monitors and detects failure points in Commvault environments, then intelligently maps personalized solutions that address those issues. These free new innovations in mobile access, control and automation represent the next generation of Commvault Support and are indicative of the company’s dedication to provide customers an integrated combination of people, processes and technologies to optimize operations, meet stringent service levels, and realize the full value of their data – regardless of time or location.

Serge Bakharev, Senior Integration Specialist, Perfekt Pty Ltd, a wholly-owned Australian company serving the Australian IT market said, “Commvault has taken its excellent customer support program to another level through its recent release of the Mobile Advantage App and Proactive support available through the APSS framework. While we have always had great experiences with Commvault’s dedicated support staff, these new solutions give us the added ability to take action on any potential issues regardless of where we are, eliminating the need to make unnecessary support calls and allowing us to address potential issues faster than ever by ourselves.”

Available on all current Android and iPhone platforms, the new Commvault Mobile Advantage app is designed to provide customers with continuous access to powerful tools, services, and information that give them control of their Commvault experience. Mobile Advantage is an integrated Commvault services portal that is unique in the industry.

Commvault Delivers Industry Leading Customer Support for Six Consecutive Years

Based on Commvault’s annual support and services survey review, Commvault scored over a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating, which surpassed the industry average of 86 percent. Also, the Commvault customer survey revealed more than 97 percent of customers were “very satisfied.” The company also scored 99 percent in its ability to meet service level agreement (SLA) goals with 78% percent of tickets resolved at first level, higher than the industry standard by 25% percent. Additionally, Commvault customer service calls were answered in person within 19 seconds, compared to the industry average of 21-30 seconds. Commvault’s support of more than 21 languages also greatly surpasses industry averages.

Eugene Trautwein, Vice President, Worldwide Customer Support, Commvault said, “While we are proud of our six year streak of shattering industry averages with our world class Customer Support and services, Commvault has never been a company to rest on its laurels and previous successes. Our new innovations around customer access, control and automation are a testament to our unwavering commitment to push the envelope further and elevate our worldwide customer support to historic proportions.”

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