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Cloudflare’s Unified Risk Posture address CISO’s painpoints


Advanced suite of risk management capabilities enables seamless discovery and mitigation of threats across applications, data loss or exposure, and human error.

Cloudflare’s new suite of risk management Unified Risk Posture is designed to streamline the process of identifying, evaluating, and managing cyber threats that pose risk to an organization, across all environments. It is powered by Cloudflare’s rich security suite – including capabilities from Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and application security. 

CISOs need a simple and comprehensive approach to regain control across every attack vector, whether it’s internal dangers, like insider threats and phishing scams, or external threats like zero-day exploits and data breaches. The new suite comes paired alongside best-in-class partnerships with CrowdStrike and other leading endpoint and identity management providers, customers can eliminate manual processes and gain a more complete picture of cyber risks to effectively remediate them, from a single platform.

“Cloudflare for Unified Risk Posture simplifies a CISO’s journey to locking down risk in their environment, through a single platform that evaluates threats, exchanges indicators and enforces dynamic controls across the business.”

Matthew Prince, co-Founder and CEO, Cloudflare

“The security landscape is complex enough, organizations need to have a clear view of all of the threats and risks inside and outside of their environments. Cloudflare Unified Risk Posture is one of the only tools that equips companies to continuously identify and address threats at the breakneck speed required to stay safe against an ever-evolving threat landscape,” said Matthew Prince, co-Founder and CEO, Cloudflare.

“CrowdStrike Falcon Next-Gen SIEM delivers up to 150x faster search performance over legacy SIEMs and products positioned as SIEM alternatives. Our transformative telemetry, paired with Cloudflare’s robust Zero Trust capabilities provides an unprecedented partnership. Together, we are converging two of the most critical pieces of the risk management puzzle that organizations of every size must address in order to combat today’s growing threats,” said Daniel Bernard, Chief Business Officer, Crowdstrike.

Cloudflare for Unified Risk Posture comes at a time where security teams are spending copious labor and money sifting through massive volumes of data to pinpoint and combat threats – like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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