ClearTouch: Decoding the value of customer experience in the digital age


ClearTouch, released the “The State of Customer Experience Function in India” report, which underlines the best possible customer experience provided by various sectors like BPO, Retail, BFSI, Fintech, IT, Manufacturing and Automobile. ClearTouch surveyed 380 industry leaders like CEOs, CTOs, COOs, Vice Presidents (technology and operations), Customer Experience Heads, Customer Experience Strategy Heads, Customer Support Heads, and Quality Heads.

Providing an excellent customer experience has become the need of the hour for all businesses.  Organizations need to ensure that they are covering all touch points across the customer journey. The better CX you deliver, the more customers you will gain, thereby, increasing brand loyalty and trust. Additionally, organizations that invest in customer service operations deal with lesser complaints and gain competitive edge in the industry.

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan, Executive Vice President of ClearTouch, said, “To fully understand a customer and implement better CX strategies it is vital for businesses to leverage analytics. Advanced analytics is the key differentiator that can make significant improvements in customer satisfaction. Today’s digitally adept customers interact with a particular brand through various touch points across many channels like website, mobile apps, or contact centre. Each interaction is a vital part of the overall customer experience. Thus, making it extremely critical for organizations to understand the ‘voice of the customer.’ Metrics and KPIs reveal motivations, interests, and needs associated with customers.’’ 

The study revealed that on average, 75% of the organizations have implemented some form of self-service capabilities as a part of their customer experience offerings, indicating that today’s empowered customers prefer to solve their own queries and expect vendors to have self-service capabilities.

50% of the organizations have omnichannel capabilities, to provide a consistent experience to customers across channels, with the remaining 50% operating more than two channels to provide customer experiences.

To improve their self-service capabilities, agent training, product management, and product enhancement, 65% of the organizations generate more than 10 GB of data every day across all channels and 25% of the organizations generate more than 500 GB of data every day across all channels.

With increased digital transformation, customers’ expectations are evolving quickly and Contact Centre agents are at the core of customer experience. Heavy investment in digital transformation has resulted in omnichannel experiences, self-service capabilities, analytics, and the empowerment of agents. Thus, organizations need to reinvent their offerings. To differentiate their customer service, organizations must look at adopting emerging technology solutions to meet increasing expectations for service excellence. 

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