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Cisco Unveiled Made in India Products

Showcases products conceptualised and designed in India that enable the Internet of Everything

Cisco unveiled three products conceptualised, architected and designed out of India that will help enable the vision of a digitized nation. These products include:

ASR 920-O: This next generation Aggregation Services Router (ASR) is a full-featured converged access platform for the cost-effective delivery of wireline and wireless services and is optimized for mobile backhaul, residential and business service applications. Conceptualised and architected in India, and designed for the Indian environment, the ASR 920-O is a temperature hardened, high-throughput, small form factor and low-power-consumption router.
According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, 2013 – 2018, mobile data traffic in India will grow 24-fold from 2013 to 2018, a compound annual growth rate of 88%. This explosion of demand for mobility from citizens, to small and large companies, to the government, will require a robust mobile Internet network and powerful enterprise connectivity. In a Digital India, the rapidly growing mobile network requires a multi-gigabit fast, reliable and temperature-hardened access network while enterprise connectivity needs a dense and fast aggregation network. The ASR 920-O addresses both these requirements, connecting data to people to processes and things, enabling new business models to emerge, and leading to better decision-making and richer customer experiences.

ISR 800M: As India becomes more connected, routers will play an increasingly integral role by providing secure connectivity to everything from retail stores and bank branches to manufacturing plants and small offices in a highly secure environment. Conceptualised and architected in India, and designed for Indian environment, the Cisco 800M Integrated Services Router (ISR) is cost effective, is easy to deploy and simplifies large-scale wireless wide-area networks (WAN) deployments.

Designed for flexible and multiple access options, the ISR 800M provides connectivity over both GSM and CDMA technologies, making the router ideal for microbranches, remote offices of large enterprises or government services across the country. With a modular platform that makes it 4G compatible, the ISR 800M is designed with an intuitive graphical user interface allowing non-experts to deploy the product swiftly and cost effectively. The ISR 800M is one of Cisco’s first routers to provide an open, extensible environment for developing and hosting applications at the network edge for local processing right in the router. This is enabled by the Cisco IOx framework, which allows customers to develop custom solutions that require real-time, local data collection and analysis such as retail kiosks, vending machines, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and M2M sensors in other applications.

MDS 9250i: The Multilayer Director Switch (MDS) 9250i is Cisco’s next generation Storage Area Networking (SAN) services switch that was conceptualized, architected and designed in India. According to the EMC Digital Universe Study with research and analysis by IDC, April 2014, data produced worldwide will grow 10 times by 2020, from 4.4ZB today to 44ZB; 32 billion Internet of Things devices will be connected to the Internet; 40 percent of data will be touched by cloud; and enterprises will have liability and responsibility for 85 percent of all data.

With the digitization of India, there is an ever-increasing demand for storage with efficiency and cost effectiveness, at a premium, from industries, such as e-commerce, to citizen services, to the government. Companies, both large and small, require high performance connectivity, application uptime, reliability, disaster recovery and data backup capabilities. The MDS 9250i is the SAN industry’s first multiprotocol capable services switch that enables a cost effective “SAN in a box” consolidation in small enterprises while providing high performance replication and disaster recovery capabilities to large enterprises.

Innovation is a core part of the Cisco culture, and annually $5.9 billion is invested in R&D worldwide. For Cisco, 830 patents have been filed from India and 500 patents issued for innovations across all technologies. The ASR 920-O, ISR 800M and MDS 9250i are the latest in a line of industry award-winning products and solutions from India.

The ASR 920-O, ISR 800M and MDS 9250i represent how Cisco India’s innovation engine can enable the digitization of a country and empower companies to be more innovative, agile and efficient. As more devices capture more data, interact with more people and change the processes by which we live, learn, work and play, the Internet of Everything will have a profound impact on India. The foundation for a Digital India will be intelligent networks which will transform the delivery of citizen services from transportation, utilities and security to entertainment, education, and healthcare. Cisco is leading the way in India to deliver the benefits of virtualization, management and software-defined networking-based advances by enabling the government and businesses to deliver voice, video, data, and mobility services for citizens and customers.

Amit Phadnis, President, Engineering and India Site Leader: “The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. In 2014 an estimated 77 billion apps will be downloaded worldwide while our digital universe continues to double every two years. In India an average of 5 million people join the Internet every month. More than ever before, the Internet of Everything can play an integral role in driving growth, innovation, and productivity in industries such as healthcare, retail, ecommerce and education. Cisco’s belief is that the innovative application of technology can have a positive impact on India’s competitiveness, diversification of its industry base, its ability to create jobs and improve quality of life for its citizens. Helping people connect and collaborate is not just core to our business, it’s what makes us want to create and innovate everyday. We are thrilled that the three products we announced today are made from India, made for India and will help enable a Digital India.”

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