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CIO Needs to Adapt to the tech Evolution and Situation


2023 is going to be a year a technology adoption by the IT Leaders. We at Enterprise IT World would like to understand the viewpoints of the IT headers about their opinion. Sheikh Amzad, Sr. Manager IT, Vandana Global speaks about his understanding of the situation.

“2023 is expected to witness the penetration of Vandana Global Limited into empowering India.”

Sheikh Amzad, Sr. Manager IT, Vandana Global


As we move to 2023, technologies are going to change in a big way. In order to effectively secure and prepare businesses to undertake digital transformation, CIOs would have to arm themselves with the ability and wherewithal to create change and provide data insights to their companies. Part of this crucial exercise involves keeping up with key tech predictions and aligning IT policies with market mega trends. Common Predictions that we see for 2023 centres around AI and metaverse, digital immune systems and industry cloud platform, since many CIOs will be experimenting with the implementation of some of the technologies identified in the trend reporting.

The ongoing year will see CIOs beginning to develop and raise a team of leaders in their organizations. Digital skills too will take centre-stage and are set to become an imperative for businesses, and IT will lead the way in teaching and coaching their peers.

What do you see as CIO’s top Priority?

For CIOs, the challenge is how to match that boldness so they can not only enable the business’ aspirations for growth but also shape them. That challenge is even more seminal because even a quick glance under the hood of the top goals of many businesses reveals that their goals are unreachable without technology. Like it or not, CIOs are in the spotlight. Following points to be considered:

1. Know your customer as well as you know your technology.

2. Put cloud at the center of your tech strategy.

3. Make developer experience the cornerstone of talent strategy.

4. Become the fastest learner.

5. Make security an enabler of speed and growth.

6. Choose better over more when it comes to data.

How have you helped move business forward?

As a CIO or IT leader, put my business in a position to adapt. Part of that is understanding how recent events will shape the near future. Another part is keeping tabs on upcoming technology trends. With that in mind, some technologies that all CIOs and IT leaders can’t ignore in the coming year include:

  1. Low-code and no-code development.
  2. Developing a deep understanding of the customer experience.
  3. Building an agile & scrum platform.
  4. Clearly communicating the business need for and impacts of IT changes.
Where do you see industry heading in 2023?

By revolutionize how businesses operate by achieving greater accuracy and consistency, driving overall market growth.

2023 is also expected to witness the penetration of Vandana Global Limited into empowering India. The group has positioned itself today to create high value across diverse domains with four key differentiators are state of the art manufacturing technology, efficient quality management, on-time delivery, and commitment to consumer satisfaction and support.

What are your strategic plans for 2023?

IT leaders always learning new lessons for implementing value-oriented IT initiatives and establishing thriving workplace cultures against the backdrop of economic uncertainty. CIOs anticipate addressing these and other challenges in the year ahead, but we also have big plans for 2023.

These plans go beyond any single tech initiative or innovation. Instead, we speak to the overarching objectives we have for the upcoming year and the big-picture goals we hope to achieve.

  1. To protect the mission:  Means focusing on innovation and using technologies such as artificial intelligence to enable to deliver the best experience possible for its customers.
  2. To shift back to strategic IT successes, staying in that reactionary mode no longer makes sense nor will it lead to the best work going forward. Away from that reactive mindset back to being more strategic heading into the new year.
Projects for 2023

As we know that Modern Business requires high uptime and data protection from accidental deletion or corruption of data. It is recommended that validation of application readiness for recovery workflow is performed periodically. Verifying the application behavior and implications of data loss and/or the disruption that failover involves is a good. It is also a requirement by most industry.

  1. DR implementation
  2. DC&DR Drill
  3. Upgradation of Network
  4. Firewall upgradation
  5. Security of Data

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