Bringing Automated Infrastructure Management Platform to India Market

Assaf Skolnik, CEO, RiT Tech

With a new growth strategy focusing more on emerging markets like India, China and Israel, Israeli Connectivity Infrastructure leader RiT Tech is expanding its presence in the domestic market with bolstered sales and technical support team, restructured sales channel and plans of establishing R&D in the country by 2019.

Briefly tell us your products and services?

RiT focuses on connectivity infrastructure solutions whether it is passive connectivity solutions related to structured cabling, fiber optic and copper, and intelligent – Automated Infrastructure Management solutions, a technology that was invented by RiT back in 1994. Automated infrastructure management takes the physical connectivity link and manages it physically, by dedicated hardware and software. In the following years we developed this technology, and took it to the level of datacenters in large IT environments. We have already launched the fifth generation of this solution, which is the Patchview+ and we are now launching the new platform (XpedITe) for automating infrastructure in IT environments. It is interesting to note that there are standards which were released in 2016 by ISOIC(Eu) and TIA (US) know as AIM – Automated Infrastructure Management standard, where is defined as a system that is interfaced with DCM system to provide real time connectivity data and integration. So actually what RiT invented back in 1994 and was a pioneer of has now become an industry standard.

What is your India presence and market positioning?

We have been in the India market since late 1990s through partner representations and in 2006 we established a local presence here. Since then, we have had different structures of local teams for sales and technical support. During these years, we bagged significant projects mainly in the Intelligence discipline area with our technology partners like Belden and Schneider Electric and also independently.In numbers, the Indian business amounts to 10% of our global revenue share but now we have changed our strategy and our focusing more on emerging markets like India, China and Israel.

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“The fact that we offer a complete set of complimentary solutions as part of our XpedITe platform, like cabling and passive connectivity solutions, enables us to offer more value to the customer.”

Assaf Skolnik
RiT Tech


As part of our intentions for the Indian market, we are going to establish a local entity. We are in the process of recruiting and restructuring our team, strengthening our technical support, and product management. Besides restructuring our local team, we are also restructuring our sales channel, main distribution channel, sub distributors and system integrators we work with. On the R&D front, we are working with our technology partners to identify the needs of the Indian market. It will initially be a small team of R&D engineers and we expect to solidify it by early 2019.

Apart from Intelligence, what are your main customer verticals?

Our main verticals are the BFSI institutions where we have recently bagged an opportunity to provide intelligence to one of the World’s biggest bank across their global operations. Apart from financial, we have a strong footprint in Transportation with a number of Airport and Subway accounts and also in the Healthcare and Government sectors globally as well as in India.

What are your main strengths in terms of the value that RiT brings to the customer?

Our main strengths are strong ownership and solid technological foundation. From the technology point of view, related to DC and IT Infra management and from the perspective of automating infra management solutions and connectivity management, we have much more advanced solutions compared than our competitors in the market in terms of automation, integration, agility and hardware. Also, the fact that we offer a complete set of complimentary solutionsas part of our XpedITe platform, like cabling, and passive connectivity solutions, enables us to offer more value to the customer and helps us stay ahead in the line of competition from that perspective.

We provide out of the box functionalities like asset management, automation, IP discovery, and energy and power modules as well. Our actualization of the multi data sources makes these modules more powerful. From technology and intelligence point of view, this is the biggest value that we bring to the customer.

What are the major Infrastructure related challenges that you hear in your CIO conversations?

The biggest CIO issue in our customer conversations is real time management and recommendation tools which includes physically from the IT systems, DC systems and facility systems. Enterprises have massive data being generated which is not collated and is difficult to monitor or analyze. They need us to provide these services. Another challenge is management operations, which is related to automation. There is a huge gap at the enterprise end and DCIM solutions bridge this gap. In the past, this gap was never covered for mainly because leaders in the industry didn’t come from disciplines like connectivity and IT but more for facility management resulting in difficultlyin developing applications that provide integration with actualization of the data which runs in different environments.

How soon can a customer see the results of such a deployment?

It depends on how the OEM presents the solution to the customer. The customers want immediate results, and if they are able to define those immediate needs then we can meet them from day one. The platform enable infrastructure automation ‘your way,’ at your pace, without requiring dramatic change to existing systems, it maximizes the options available to IT, Data Center and Facility teams as they plan their infrastructure management and automation strategies. The platform is scalable and CIOs can add a number of features and value during the deployment and even after apart from his immediate needs.

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