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Beetel strives to be the most preferred Value-Added Distributor in India


Committed to the growth of our vendors and channel partners through efficient consultative solutions.

Our strategy till last year was to drive a Safe, Stable & Secure business, given the uncertain times we just came out from. However, we registered very positive growth with our existing partners and have registered growth upwards of 25%

Mr. Sanjeev Chhabra, MD & CEO, Beetel

What is Beetel as a brand?

Beetel has a 3-decade-old legacy in the landline domain. Along with being manufacturers of landlines and smart accessories under the brand FLiX, we are value-added distributors working in the enterprise and network solutions ecosystem, reaching out to the customers on behalf of our partners. Beetel has three business units: Consumer, Network, and Enterprise. One of our biggest strengths is our channel network and its presence across India. We have more than 1500 channel partners, present in 400+cities in India, and are growing our footprint in the international markets, with 19 cities already being serviced by us. Beetel has been an ever-evolving organization and is always keeping up with the latest tech trends/solutions, focusing on providing the latest solutions to the customers in the industry.

How do you address the needs of Enterprise customers / CIOs and CISOs?

Beetel strives to be the most preferred Value Added Distributor in India. The focus is on a solution selling approach and basis the needs and requirements of our customers, we deploy solutions accordingly rather than a pure device/hardware or software sell. We do not sell directly to end customers but enable our network of channel partners and system integrators to be able to address the requirements. There’s a 360-degree ecosystem that has been developed around the products and services that we offer, which spans from Pre-Sales, POCs, to deployment and finally managing the after sales service and maintenance as well. There’s a vast suite of solutions and services that Beetel provides, that can be catered to serve the enterprise needs and address all their requirements.

What is your GTM Strategy?

We have a four-fold GTM Strategy:

Deep Dive into Partnerships:

  • Beetel is a value-added distributor, basically an indirect company. On the one side, we have vendor partners, and on the other side, we have channel partners that serve our end customers/clients.
  • Beetel is focused on helping the vendor partners gain more market share in the country and plans to grow the business with a mutual growth plan for the vendor partners.
  • We keep exploring the introduction/addition of new products/solutions in our existing partnerships to address the market’s needs and drive mutual growth.

Increase the role of Beetel in the Value Chain

  • Beetel strives to provide a more consultative role to our channel partners, along with our other services, helping them understand the market better and come up with efficient solutions.
  • Beetel is focused on providing end-to-end solutions to our partners, be it Pre-Sales and Proof Of Concepts to actual conversions and implementation, and follow it up with After Sales Support. 

Partner Enablement

  • Beetel’s key focus area is to drive partner enablement. We always keep on upskilling them to help them win orders.
  • In the last year, Beetel has conducted more than 500 pieces of training and webinars along with 450+ certifications and 20 offline events.
  • The key here is to equip our partners with a better understanding of the solutions for them to be able to pitch them to the end clients and customers and service their needs. We do act as consultants to our partners rather than just a distributor partner for them.

Increase reach:

  • Beetel is currently servicing customers in more than 400 cities in India and 19+ cities internationally. However, we are continuously increasing our footprint and reach and are focussing on Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities where we see excellent growth potential. This helps our vendor partners to explore and penetrate in to new markets.

What is your growth trajectory?

Beetel has been an ever-evolving organization and keeping in line with the new trends and technologies has been increasing its footprint and driving growth. Our endeavour is to drive growth for our partner brands and channel partners alike. With our current set of partners like Poly, Avaya, Samsung, Accops, etc. we have been facilitating the increase of their market share and increasing our share in their business as well. We have been introducing new product categories to drive width and at the same time increasing our reach to drive depth resulting in growth for us and for our partner brands & channel partners alike.

Our strategy till last year was to drive a Safe, Stable & Secure business, given the uncertain times we just came out from. However, we registered very positive growth with our existing partners and have registered growth upwards of 25%.

As mentioned above, we keep on exploring new opportunities, we recently have ventures into Software Distribution along with Solar Energy as a Service and SD-WAN as well, along some more new partnerships. We are very positive of almost registering a growth of 150% with these new partnerships in our fold along with driving more business with our existing partnerships. It’s really an exciting time for Beetel.

What is your roadmap for the next 12-28 months?

Our objective is to become the most preferred Value-Added Distributor partner in the Indian market and all our actions are targeted towards the same.

  • 4S Theme: Beetel is highly agile, always looking for new solutions for customers and addressing market needs with the most efficient solutions. Along with this approach, we are also following a theme of Safe, Stable, and Secure Business for our partners and with a focus on scaling the business and the complete value chain.
  • Make in India: Our focus is on Make in India products and solutions, and to that effect, we have already moved towards Indian Brands and Manufacturing:
  • JV with Dixon
  • New Vendor Relationships like Sparsh, Lavelle, IP Fusion, etc.
  • New Software-based solutions: With the markets moving towards more Software and Cloud-Based solutions, as the turnaround time is faster and also due to the shortage in the global chipset market, it’s an organic move towards these solutions. Beetel is seeing excellent growth potential and has already started focussing on Software Solutions in CAD, CAM & PLM domains, and Network Security based solutions like SD-WAN. Software as a Service is growing big.

What are your key initiatives for this year?

  • Employee Upskilling: When organizations invest in employees, they invest in much more than just their salaries, and corporate leaders understand this. To get their team or the wider organization on board with the idea, company and team leaders can emphasize how upskilling benefits the employees’ careers
  • Efficient Process & Automation: Integrating automation into the business can help increase efficiency and productivity and inspire employees to innovate more. Process automation can also improve the company’s management, leading to growth and profitability. 
  • Training:
  • Self/Employees
  • Channel
  • Make In India: Beetel currently operates in PAN-India. We have a dedicated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hambran, Ludhiana, in JV with Dixon, where the company commenced its commercial production in June, 1987 with the manufacturing of Push Button Phones.

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