Avaya Becoming Customer Centric through Partners

With the enterprise needs becoming more customer oriented, there is a strong need for the partners to be in abreast with the market trend and that precisely what Avaya Partner Forum 2015 at Hotel Atlantis, Dubai, tried to communicate

As organizations today face unprecedented challenges to digitally evolve in the era of Big Data, mobility, cloud and the Internet of Things, Avaya is transforming into a customer-centric, solutions and services-driven company, focusing on delivering innovative solutions that lead to better business outcomes. The Avaya Partner Forum 2015 highlighted Avaya’s technology leadership and commitment to the partner community.

A two-day event involving more than 2,000+ Avaya Connect channel partners from World’s Eastern Hemisphere engaged and leveraged their combined knowledge and expertise. Avaya also shared its strategic vision for FY 2016 at the event.

Avaya also highlighted its Cloud strategy at the Avaya Partner Forum 2016, including its partner-hosted solutions that enable technology partners to offer team engagement, customer engagement and video solutions as services. IDC, a keynote partner at Avaya’s Partner Forum, highlighted how the worldwide spending on cloud IT infrastructure will grow at a CAGR of 15.1 per cent to reach $53.1bn by 2019. Keynote presentations at the forum focused on cutting-edge technology developments from Avaya in areas including software defined networking, and communications-enabled application development.

Keynote addresses from Avaya leaders, seminars and expert sessions enabled channel partners and customers to learn about key emerging industry trends, including mobility, Cloud, Big Data, and analytics, and the increased opportunities they represent.

Setting the tone of the event, Mohammed Areff – VP MEA, Avaya, highlighted the content lay out of the event and introduced the key executives of the company, and handed the mike to Nidal Abou-Ltaif, President, EU and AMEA, Avaya, to take through the journey of Avaya through 2015 and introduce the vision and strategy of a customer-focused engagement model for 2016.

Addressing the partners’ community, Nidal said, “The Avaya Way is to put the customer first in everything we do and to work closely with our technology partners on delivering better collective outcomes for everybody. The Avaya partner community is central to our strategy and the Avaya Partner Forum 2016 is the perfect platform to drive digital transformation in our customers by bringing together our combined knowledge, expertise, and skills base to benefit all of us. Avaya is investing in and developing its partner community because we know that when we work together there are no limits to what we can achieve.”

As per Nidal, Customers are all the same. If you speak to the customers in their language, it is not a barrier to communicate with them. Avaya has processes to hire the right people and they work towards the cause. For example, India as a market for Avaya was going down but the company created the organization with the set of people, even though the senior management resigned, other people could manage the organization and it started growing. The same theory is applicable to Russia, China and Africa. So there are right set of skilled people on ground and Avaya empowers them and supports them to grow the organization.

Nidal maintained, “I am more focussed on the customers. I love customers. I want to build whatever is required for the customers. If I am building an organization and if I stay away for a few weeks from the customers it is the most depressing part for me. I go back and get energy from the customers. If you listen to the customers and go with flexibility that is the most satisfying thing. For example, what works in Saudi does not fit to the customers in London so the mantra is to build whatever customers requires to work for them. That is what leads an organization to be successful.”

He said, “Our CEO has clear focus on building technology that makes difference to the people. His focus was to go to the countries like China and India and fix the issues and build operation as per the local customers and culture. And that believe gave me a lot of fuel and of course I had his support and also the support of the board.”

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