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Arbor Enhances its DDoS Defense Portfolio

Offers Integrated Console to Unify Visibility for On-Premise and CloudEnvironments

Arbor Networks unveilssignificant enhancements to both the on-premise and cloud components of the hybrid DDoS defense.Arbor Cloud’s hybrid defenseprotects enterprises against a wide spectrum of DDoS attacks, including volumetric, application-layer, state-exhaustion (e.g. targeting firewall/IPS), blended and multi-vector DDoS attacks. The ease of use of the on-premise Pravail solution enables existing enterprise IT staff to maintain control of the mitigation, and gives them the ability to quickly alert the cloud when attacks reach a certain size that cannot be blocked locally.

“Arbor Networks has more experience than anyone on the planet in fighting DDoS attacks for complex and demanding networks. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned since 2000 and poured it into Arbor Cloud, making it the premier DDoS protection service for those organizations that absolutely must ensure the availabilityof their networks, services and applications. Our technology is proven, reliable and highly scalable, infused with cutting edge research and backed by a world-class service and support organization that is absolutely committed to do whatever it takes to keep customer networks up and running,” said Arbor Networks’ President, Matthew Moynahan.

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