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Applying Software-defined approach to Storage

Data explosion has virtually changed the way traditional storage works, paving the way for the more NAS companies like Synology to make inroads into tapping the growing storage needs of the Indian SME market.

 How has data explosion impacted the traditional storage market?

With the rise of deep learning and AI, it is not just people but machines too are now generating data. Big Data as a trend is just up and coming, and its proliferation will virtually change the way traditional storage works. With vast quantities of data at their disposal, businesses need an outlet to study and evaluate it towards procuring useful information. Synology NAS is part of this up and coming trend wherein we offer huge data storage capacity, and algorithms such as deep learning and subject recognition to get the information our customers need once we have the data. Our most unique selling point is our software, DSM or the Disk Station Manager. We even have our own public cloud. This gives you the leverage to use Synology NAS on your private cloud and back it up on Synology Cloud as a complete hybrid solution.

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“When it comes to value for businesses, there are three clear benefits of NAS: Affordability, Flexibility, and Security.”

Mike Chen
Marketing Director


We are integrating more such features in our surveillance portfolio. The data is exploding and to keep up with it, you need the right algorithms to collect and evaluate the data. With all this data coming in, you have to have the right filters to enhance the customer experience.

What benefits can businesses look forward to with NAS devices?

When it comes to value for businesses, there are three clear benefits of NAS: Affordability, Flexibility, and Security. With Synology, you can build your storage as you go. If you’re a startup, you don’t need to exhaust your entire storage budget at once. Another affordability factor of Synology NAS is everything comes inside a onetime cost. You don’t need to subscribe for additional licenses for different applications. We have a packaged service with more than thirty applications. We have in-house designing capabilities and also welcome third party developers. Over 90 percent of our applications are free.

Next big benefit is flexibility. Enterprise Management Information Systems are perpetually wary of new hardware and software coming into the network infrastructure. Synology’s offerings are business infrastructure ready with the ability to speak to multiple protocols, work with multiple servers and communicate with all operating systems including Windows, Linux etc. When you bring Synology into your company, we don’t want to replace your storage infrastructure rather add to it. With this added value, businesses can explore new applications.

Thirdly, when you do backups, you are protected from threats like ransomware. That is where our last value lies, in security. Studies have shown that the cyber war is just getting started. Ransomware threats will continue and enterprises and individuals will forever be vulnerable to attacks. Synology offers full data protection with backup features that help you take snapshots every minute and recover data in minutes so that you can minimize downtime from any such damage. This is the value that Synology brings to businesses and enterprises.

What is your strategy and roadmap for India market in 2018?

Synology is focused on strengthening its presence in India. Although our India numbers are relatively small, but that is exactly what drives us. If you look at how we have performed in similar global markets like China, where we started 6 years ago is now among the top five markets for us globally. India being alike in terms of the scale and current growth rate, we expect same results in our endeavors here. We aim to break the USD 10million revenue mark in India in the next five years.

Customer-wise, the focus will be on targeting the SME segment. We have the right market strategy in place and the right partners to develop the pre and post sales infrastructure across not just Tier 1, but Tier 2 cities as well. We have frequent road shows and training programs planned. A big focus will be on creating successful customer case studies. We are here for the long run and in due time, with the right set of partners, market share, channels and team, we will set up a stronger infrastructure in India for both sales and technical support.

What is your message to prospective enterprise customers?

Synology is a software defined company with a radical mindset integrating breakthrough technologies and trends such as all flash array, deep learning, AI and hyper convergence in our offerings. The strength Synology lies in our software defined mindset for innovation which enables us to give our customers the best possible storage experience. We want to offer our customers that sense of ease and security. If you use Synology, you sleep peacefully at night. Rest assured, your data is protected.

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