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Anant Launches Swaastha

Anant National

Anant National University has launched a dedicated Healthcare Accelerator Programme, Swaastha, in association with India Accelerator (IA). This innovative initiative aims to support start-ups in the healthcare and allied domains registered in India with deployed or deployment-ready solutions.The healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India in terms of revenue and employment and is expected to reach US$ 638 billion by 2025. 

“It will focus on drug discovery and development, new-generation diagnostics, digital health and well-being solutions and last-mile delivery, optical dispensing, genome sequencing, IVF, foetal and neonatal monitoring and AI-driven prognosis, diagnosis and interventions.”

Dr. Anunaya Chaubey, Provost, Anant National University

The rising demand for better healthcare facilities requires constant innovation in all fields of the healthcare industry. This is what Swaastha aims to deliver – a tripod approach that fosters collaboration among start-ups, academic institutions and industries. By driving innovations and addressing practical challenges faced by industries and society, the accelerator seeks to create a robust innovation ecosystem.

By combining the expertise and resources of Anant National University, India Accelerator and participating start-ups, the Swaastha programme will pave the way for ground-breaking advancements in healthcare. This collaboration will enhance the quality of healthcare services and drive the development of new technologies and solutions that can significantly improve patient outcomes and overall public health.

Talking about the partnership, Dr. Anunaya Chaubey, Provost, Anant National University, said, “Anant National University believes in the power of multi and interdisciplinary collaboration and Anant’s vision of nurturing ‘solutionaries’. Partners with industry experts like India Accelerator play an instrumental role in advancing our commitment to supporting designers and healthcare start-ups to drive innovations that enhance patient care, improve system efficiency and make healthcare more accessible to all. In bridging the gap between design and healthcare, such partnerships empower the creation of holistic solutions that address real-world challenges and foster a healthier society.”

Arindam Mukhopadhyay, Partner and Head, Corporate Innovation, India Accelerator, shared, “We are thrilled to take a transformative step in the healthcare start-up ecosystem. Our latest initiative, Swaastha Accelerator, will combine industry expertise and Anant’s design thinking approach to nurture young entrepreneurial minds. Together, we look forward to driving advancements by refining industry standards and accelerating the future of healthcare innovation.”

Anant National University helps young designers develop a better understanding of the context we live in through community immersion, innovation and collaboration. The accelerator programme is a culmination of this philosophy. It provides strategic guidance, exceptional industry-academia connections, large workspaces for start-ups to sit in, and SEBI/GIFT city funds to invest in.

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