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Almabani Opts Matrix Solutions for Centralized Access Control and Attendance Tracking

Industry: Construction

Customer Name: Almabani

Users: 1500+

Devices: 48Time-Attendance and Access Control Devices

Location: 12 Across Jeddah, Khobar, Riyadh & Lebanon

Company Profile:

Almabani General Contractors has a long robust history which began when the founders established the company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in October of 1972. They are a family-owned company that remains true to its founders’ spirit, covenants, innovation and perseverance.

For four and a half decades, they have been building up their expertise to serve an ever more demanding and challenging construction need in the region. 

In a prosperous economy fuelled by the oil boom, the company was positioned to participate in the execution of some of the most prestigious landmark projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They have the highest classification in all civil and electrical works with in-house capabilities to develop design and value engineer solutions to cater to the customers’ needs. They have proudly executed projects from complex infrastructure works to heavy civil engineering structures.

Today they are engaged in highly competitive turnkey projects worth several Billion Dollars. To this end, Almabani continues to invest in quality, value engineering, proactive and talented people, endeavoring at all times to satisfy their customer’s expectations and to best serve the welfare of our society. 


Almabani General Contractors was using traditional decentralized access control & time-attendance systems in which they were facing the issue of excessive manual work and inaccurate data. Because of the poor quality of the existing biometric sensors, user fingerprints weren’t recognized in the 1st attempt and the process was annoying and time-consuming. As the company is dealing with construction work, one of the major challenges for construction workers is accurate attendance marking despite dirty/stained fingers. Moreover, due to existing software limitations, many policies of access control and time-attendance couldn’t be implemented. As the existing system was decentralized, on-field employees faced issues while marking their attendance. Only basic reports could be prepared for attendance and access whereas they needed more customized reports because of various shifts and different contract workers. Moreover, third party integration was not possible in the earlier system. And last but not the least, they were unsatisfied with support from the past supplier. 


Matrix solutions experts collaborated with the decision heads to understand the exact requirement and provide a cost-effective solution. After a comprehensive discussion, Matrix offered a centralized solution for all the locations. With the Matrix Time-Attendance and Access Control solution, the customer has overcome all the challenges. Now, it’s possible for them to get control of all the locations from a single central location. To overcome the problem of inaccurate attendance marking due to dirty/stained fingers, Matrix provided the multispectral fingerprint sensor technology which contains information about both the surface and the subsurface features of the skin. This technology gives a high throughput. They also acquired Palm Vein Reader for contactless authentication verification for the higher authorities. The solution from Matrix is fully customized with multiple shifts and attendance policies that can be applied to individual users. Smart mobile application for attendance marking, and leave applications make the work easy for users. Now, the customer is able to get the report of each employee with 200 different options. With the auto-push technology, there is no need to transfer the data into the server. The data are automatically transferred to the server in real-time. The customer also got flexibility in terms of connectivity with 3G and WiFi options. The system from Matrix also provided the flexibility for easy integration with the third-party payroll system. 


  • Accuracy in Attendance Management 
  • Centralized Time-Attendance  and Access Control Management
  • High Possibility of Third-party Integration 
  • User-friendly and Fast Process because of Good Quality Sensor
  • OEM Support
  • Contactless and Advanced Technology 
  • Flexibility in Terms of Integration, Connectivity and Credentials 

Products Offered:

  • COSEC DOOR PVR – Palm Vein based Door Controller
  • COSEC PATH DCFE – Biometric Fingerprint + RFID based Door Controller
  • COSEC PATH DCCE – RFID based Door Controller
  • COSEC PANEL LITE – Site Controller for Advanced Access Control Features
  • COSEC LE PLATFORM –  For 1500 + Users
  • COSEC LE TAM – Time-Attendance Application Module
  • COSEC LE ACM –  Access Control Module
  • COSEC LE ESS   –  Employees Self Service Module (Mobile App)
  • COSEC INTEGRATION – Integration with In-house Payroll Software

For further information, please contact:
394-GIDC, Makarpura, Vadodara-390010, IndiaToll-Free-  1800-258-7747

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