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5 top Cyberattacks in Times of COVID-19 Pandemic: SonicWall

Hackers develop malicious apps and links to prey off data and hack remote devices

With the coronavirus pandemic taking a grip across the world, measures such as self-quarantine have necessitated ‘business continuity plan’. With employees working from homes and multiple locations, it has become imperative that businesses remain functional by providing employees access to its remote infrastructure, networks and devices – albeit with strict vigilance. While caution is being exercised during this epidemic, there is a group of opportunistic cyber-criminals who have been preying on this fear by developing malicious links and apps to hack devices and steal data. From creating malicious links to developing otherwise unsuspecting apps, the hackers of the digital age are getting creative in executing their attacks.

SonicWall Capture Labs reaffirms that the risk of engaging with any of the Corona virus apps is very high. In fact, there are no mobile apps that can track coronavirus infections or point to a vaccine.

Commenting on the growing threat to businesses Debasish Mukherjee as VP, Regional Sales APAC, at SonicWall says, “During challenging times such as the Covid 19 pandemic, organizations have very little choice but to mandate work from home policies for its employees. This implies a need to maintain flexible work environment without losing availability. However, deploying a highly efficient remote location can be complex, expensive and time consuming as protecting its data and systems are primary concerns. SonicWall’s Capture Labs is working 24×7 to keep its customers informed of the impending cyberthreats.”

SonicWall Capture Labs Threat research team has flagged off five of the top cyberattacks that leverage coronavirus and COVID-19 to take advantage of the current epidemic – Malicious Archive File, Coronavirus-Themed Android RAT, COVID-19 Hoax Scareware, Malicious “Marketing Campaign” Propagates Android RAT and 12-Layer Azorult.Rk

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