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2016 : The Shifting Gears of Innovation

Parag Arora, Area Vice President & Country Head - India Subcontinent, Citrix

Authored by Parag Arora, Area Vice President & Country Head – India Subcontinent, Citrix

2015 has been a crucial year for Citrix in India & the SAARC region especially considering the transitions that we are addressing within the market. Citrix always has and will continue to lead the transition from the traditional desktop to that of mobile workspace – making any device a state-of-the-art-workplace. Our focus so far has been on an end-to-end mobility technology approach with the apps, files and services tailored to be productive on any device and form factor. This alongside the flexibility to operate from anywhere and any network with the kind of security, flexibility and quality of experience we know IT needs to deliver and that people demand.

  • Workspace Cloud:

A key development that took place this year has been the announcement of Citrix Workspace Cloud. For the first time, the enterprise is being provided with the flexibility to securely and reliably deliver apps and data in a seamlessly fast medium and that too from “any cloud” it chooses.

  • Citrix NetScaler:

This year, we saw a key transition of our NetScaler platform – from a comprehensive services delivery platform to a much more strategic role in security and business continuity. Citrix NetScaler is capable of solving the unique challenges of scaling on demand and driving an immersive mobile user experience. Often the challenge lies when there is an intent amongst business leaders to realize productivity, effectiveness, and profitability from a mobile-transformed business but the IT simultaneously needs to solve security, access, and user experience issues. Citrix NetScaler can bridge this challenge effectively.

  • Innovation:

Citrix continued to increase investments in India through much broader capabilities on innovation, engineering, R&D and global support. These investments are also giving us a unique opportunity and capability to solve some unique issues for emerging markets like India.

2015 has seen Citrix solidify its value proposition for organizations that are now undergoing a strategic shift for IT- moving from end user IT to that of delivering IT services to subscribers within the organization. Simultaneously, we saw a renewed focus with our solutions getting focused on industry specific requirements across BFSI, IT Services, telecom, manufacturing, education and healthcare.

As 2016 approaches, we are gearing up for a very exciting year in technology and its business implications. Here’s why-

  • We will see the renewed focus of CIOs towards enabling and empowering the business users to provide their organizations’ customers a differentiated experience.
  • IT services will be built with an integrated approach on workspaces leveraging hybrid clouds and not on a one restrictive cloud approach.
  • Software defined solutions will continue to see innovation. A Software-Defined Workplace can result in dramatic improvements across multiple dimensions for organizations. In 2016, software will create the primary experience and business value of a product or a service, including all the workspace services.
  • CIOs will continue to focus on technologies and platforms that allow them to integrate and co-exist (and help build a solid connecting bridge) traditional applications and data with the next gen applications and services. Business productivity will be a key driver for this need.

In conclusion, 2016 will not only see enterprise consolidate efforts towards a much deeper focus on experience but it will also be a year to transform IT by enabling on-demand, self-service delivery for all IT services be it from apps and desktops to customer support and training. Exciting times indeed, Happy New Year!

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