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Yandex Develops and Open-sources an LLM training tool


YaFSDP optimizes network usage and reduces memory load, ensuring faster and more efficient training of AI models, crucial for India’s AI-driven industries such as finance, healthcare, and education. 

Yandex has released YaFSDP, an open-source tool designed to revolutionize the large language model(LLM) training in India. This innovative tool significantly accelerates training times and reduces hardware consumption, making it highly relevant for India’s rapidly growing AI and tech sectors.

Yandex’s YaFSDP eliminates GPU communication inefficiencies, ensuring that training requires only necessary processor memory and making GPU interactions uninterrupted. Reducing the training time for LLMs through the use of YaFSDP can result in savings of up to 20% in GPU resources, which can lead to savings of over 84,000,000 Indian Rupees monthly.

By reducing computational resource requirements, YaFSDP lowers the cost of AI training, making advanced AI technologies more accessible.

“YaFSDP has the potential to drive significant advancements in the tech landscape. By improving training efficiency, we aim to empower developers, researchers, and companies to build more sophisticated and powerful AI models,” said Mikhail Khruschev, a Senior Developer, Yandex and part of the team behind YaFSDP.

Indian academic institutions can leverage YaFSDP to advance their AI research, fostering innovation and producing cutting-edge research. YaFSDP is freely available on Github. Indian developers and researchers are encouraged to explore its capabilities and join the community of innovators transforming the future of AI.

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