WIKA India Launches Mobile Calibration Van for Door-Step Service


WIKA Instruments India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG, Germany, has recently launched Mobile Calibration Van for maintenance and repair at the doorstep of clients. An initiative, born out of need to maintain equipment during COVID lockdown has been transformed into a value-added service by WIKA India to provide services at the customer doorstep, delivering convenience for service. 

Mr Gaurav Bawa, Sr Vice President, WIKA India, said, “It has been always an endeavour of WIKA to offer the best products and services to the customers. As quality is the most important differentiator to lead the market, we decided to continue the best practice of reaching out to the consumer for service, rather than them shipping the goods to us. The initial foray in the service was borne out of necessity, when transportation was difficult during COVID lockdown. We plan to expand the service of mobile calibration van, based on positive feedback of the customers.” 

Mr.Bawa, said, “Maintaining equipment in industrial units is essential for effective production which reduces the risks. Every industry needs to maintain the calibration of types of equipment for accurate and reliable measurements. Delay in transportation is always an issue. Moreover, displacement may sometimes lead to further errors and damage to the equipments. Hence, keeping this in mind, the company has launched this service in the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.”  

With the doorstep delivery of services through Mobile Calibration Van, customer can now book their appointments through various channel like toll free number, email IDs & WebApp from the comfort of their office and home. These mobile laboratories can travel to facilities to calibrate equipment that needs to be available continuously (24/7), thus optimising costs and shipping time. At the end of the calibration, a report is provided which shows a measurement error. It measures the value before and after calibration which helps the clients to determine the functionality of the device. 

The services of mobile calibration van has been launched in the Southern Region first, and will soon be launched in other parts of India as well. The mobile vans will be located in strategic points to cover  Northern and  Western region of India thus ensuring that they cover every important location. This mobile van is suitable for large, multi-site companies who have lots of measuring equipment that needs to be continuously available 24 hours a day. 

Mr.Bawa said, “WIKA India plays a very significant role in future growth prospects of both the precision engineering market of India and WIKA global. As India climbs the GDP growth chart globally, we believe quality of services and manufacturing will play an important role. We, in WIKA India hope to lead the way.”

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