Versent Launches 2021 Experience Accelerator Program

AWS-dedicated technology transformation partner, Versent, has launched its Versent Experience Accelerator Program (VEAP) for associate engineers. The program is designed to fast-track core skills development of associate engineers with a minimum of one year’s experience.  

The two-year program will provide real-world, hands-on experience to the participants and help Versent address the technology talent shortage.  

The program will run full-time and will provide participants with the opportunity to develop vital experience in areas such as Software Engineering Principles, The Process of Agile Software Development, Dev(Sec)Ops and SRE, Cloud Computing, and Higher Order Thinking and the Knowledge Economy. 

Jordan Windebank, General Manager at Versent Asia, explains: “The program content aligns with Versent’s idea of engineers as well-rounded software professionals, with skills and knowledge across the various specialisations. The specific focus areas  ‘Higher Order Thinking’ and the ‘Knowledge Economy’ are around having the right mindset and approach to work and adapt effectively in the IT industry  where we all know things change very quickly all the time.” 

Starting in July 2021, four trainees have joined Versent Asia to develop their core engineering skills from the ground up. The program will largely focus on learning through experience and delivering practical technical outcomes on real-world projects. It will also provide opportunities for sharing and leveraging the experience of Versent’s existing engineers and a formal training program where participants can learn new technology and concepts through curated sources of learning. 

“The goal is for participants to receive specific exposure and training to qualify for an engineer role at Versent at the end of the program, with a minimum ‘graduating’ rank of Senior Associate Engineer,” continues Windebank. “Versent has a large pool of engineering expertise to help guide these associate engineers in the day-to-day of engineering practice and implementation work.” 

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