UiPath to Launch New Innovations for Faster, More Secure Automations and Deeper Integration within Enterprise Environments

 UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company, today at its user conference, FORWARD IV, previewed new features arriving in its next platform update.

The capabilities in UiPath 2021.10 help customers tackle some of the most common issues in the enterprise such as sprawling and disparate applications; applying artificial intelligence (AI) to every facet of work; helping IT with scaling, maintaining, and securing automation; and making it easier for developers to build automations.

Daniel Dines UiPath co-founder and CEO, addressing attendees at FORWARD IV in Las Vegas, said “UiPath has unprecedented knowledge of how work gets done. We know how people interact with user interfaces and documents and we know what processes look like and how they map to business outcomes,” “This release is both the most comprehensive automation platform for today and the right automation foundation for the future. We’re delivering on making automations easier to build, expanding automation use cases, and ensuring we provide reliability, security, and governance to support enterprise-level, mission-critical processes. We are also laying the groundwork for semantic automation, in which robots understand how to use applications without being programmed by humans.”

Ahmed Zaidi, CEO of Accelirate Inc., a UiPath Diamond Partner, said “We’re very excited about how UiPath Automation Suite will enable our customers to leverage the power of the entire UiPath platform,” “The ability to install all UiPath offerings in a single go and employ the appropriate solution when the need arises, such as AI Center to bring humans into the loop for validating ML-extracted data, or Insights to create custom alerts and notifications when specific business goals have been met, will dramatically assist the way enterprises get their automations up and running.”

Along with these new features, UiPath partners and customers can monetize their reusable RPA components within our Marketplace. These items can be accessed and purchased by UiPath users and the 1.5 million members of the UiPath Community. The offering represents new revenue stream possibilities for organizations that want to share their expertise with the largest global network of RPA professionals. Initial partners include: Ashling Partners; Boundaryless; CampTek Software; Element Blue; Green Light Consulting Solutions Inc.; Peraton; qBotica Inc.; rapidMATION; Roboyo; Smartbridge; SYKES Digital Services; and WonderBotz LLC.

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