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Trellix Expands Threat Intelligence Portfolio to Stay Ahead of Cyber Adversaries


Trellix has expanded its Threat Intelligence portfolio to increase threat expertise and actionable intelligence to help global customers stay ahead of cyber adversaries. The new offerings include Vulnerability Intelligence and Trellix Intelligence as a Service.

Through a new partnership with Intel 471Trellix Insights and Trellix Advanced Threat Landscape Analysis System (ATLAS) customers will add underground malware insights. This new intelligence feed will complement Trellix’s native threat intelligence capability of over 2,500 threat campaigns and 250 threat groups, bringing increased contextual intelligence to global customers. Intel 471 is known for its advanced cybercrime and adversary intelligence and through this partnership, customers will gain specific insight into malware families.

“Threat intelligence is at the heart of cyber defense, serving as the source of truth for cybersecurity practitioners,” said Joseph Tal, Senior Vice President, Trellix Advanced Research Center. “Understanding adversaries in a highly dynamic landscape requires 24/7 insights tailored to organizations’ specific needs. An expanded Trellix Threat Intelligence portfolio will offer breadth and depth of intelligence and geopolitical awareness accessible to organizations of all sizes.”

“Intel 471 is proud to be a Trellix partner,” said Jason Passwaters, CEO of Intel 471. “Our Trellix partnership will enable integration of Intel 471’s cyber intelligence into the Trellix Threat Intelligence portfolio, empowering organizations across the globe to better counter the threat of cybercrime.”

Trellix Threat Intelligence is a comprehensive threat intelligence portfolio used to accelerate threat analysis and response. The portfolio is supported by hundreds of elite researchers and analysts from Trellix Advanced Research Center who analyze and track threat actors, leveraging data from Trellix’s proprietary sensor network. Trellix’s new Threat Intelligence offerings include:  

  • Vulnerability Intelligence: Trellix Insights now goes beyond the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) on critical vulnerabilities with Vulnerability Intelligence enrichment from the Advanced Research Center vulnerability experts. These capabilities are further strengthened by the inclusion of data from the U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) Known Exploited Vulnerability (KEV) catalog, which provides users with information on vulnerabilities’ exploitation status, remediation recommendations, and prioritization guidance. This information allows customers to filter alerts and focus on remediating the most impactful vulnerabilities.
  • Threat Intelligence Services: With new tiered offerings, global organizations can now leverage Trellix Intelligence as a Service, a bespoke offering previously available to an exclusive set of government and intelligence agencies. The service offers a direct link to Trellix threat experts to gain customized threat intelligence from the Trellix Advanced Research Center. Customers get threat efficacy reporting, inquiry service, executive briefings, and security assessments to optimize threat prevention and situational awareness, delivering a more actionable view of threat exposure.  

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