Top 5 Game-Changing Startups of 2019

The last decade has given some most beautiful moments to cheer and contributed to making life easy and beautiful. The government initiative and the facilities of easy EMI based loans made the impossible possible. Startups like Swiggy and OYO in the service and hospitality sector have shown us the creativity at its best. Also, the betting lovers have got some great online betting options, including

The decade was lived full of joy, and lots of unique and creative innovation in the form of startups came into existence in the last year. Perhaps, this is the repercussions of the government’s initiative and a secure bank loan system. Though some startups were not up to the mark or productive, the efforts have been made. So, here we are going to check out the top 5 game-changing startups of 2019- 

1) Ask Arvi: The insurance sector of India is one of the trendy and fast-growing areas in comparison to others. And it is estimated that it will grow 13-14 percent every year. However, the industry is growing but not the knowledge of customers. This startup is an information service based that will assist you in making the well-informed and valuable decision while taking insurance.

This service is getting more popular day by day as we have seen the examples of Policy bazaar, etc. The chat box service is 24/7 for any assistance of its users. 

2) Doctor Insta: It is one of the most valuable and popular startups in 2019. Though there are some already startups working the same, Doctor Insta has come up with something new and innovative for its users. They have associated with some specialist doctors of different fields and provide the phone call, chat, or video visit services.

They also sell medicines, which mean you can easily purchase the prescribed drugs from Doctor Insta. This startup has raised a pretty healthy amount of money and reached the mark of 7 million dollars very rapidly. 

3) Crofarm: The most needed and well-designed startup among all! We can say it can solve one of the biggest problems in our country as well as farmers. Crofarm has two positive aspects. The first is that this startup connects the farmers with retailers directly, so the existence of the broker will be automatically banished.

On the second side of the coin, the farmers will get more money for their crops in comparison to their previous earning and selling system.

4) Vedantu: Vedantu is a word that is derived from another word Vedanta means a Hindu system of philosophy and contemplation or related to Upanishads. So, coming back to the topic, Vedantu is an online platform of education. It has become quite popular in a short period.

Vedantu is an online classroom that provides live classes from the best teachers. Every parent wants the best for their kids and especially is the primary concern for the majority of the parents. And Vedantu has quite an affordable solution for their problem. 

5) Tao Automation: Tao automation is a company of automation products which shows and come up with advanced robotic process-based customer services. A large number of companies are getting associated with Tao automation, and the outcomes of the services are phenomenal.

The products designed in the Tao automation are specifically made to analyze, customer satisfaction, and discovering opportunities.

Apart from these five startups, there are also some quite exciting startups that have come in 2019. So, let’s check them out too-

1) Cashe: One of the most needed one while facing the crisis of economy, Jokes apart. Certainly, it is one of the valuable startups that give loan up to 50000 immediately. And the best part is the minimal irritation of traditional loan work and process. So, it’s an ideal startup or loan provider in a financial crisis.

2) Kissht: It is yet another valuable startup for the shopping lovers. As we all know, most of the people prefer EMI options while purchasing something costlier, and this startup will tie up with all the brands to make your EMI process smooth and available for the brands and products.

3) Flintobox: It is a subscription-based product delivery startup where parents will get innovative and creative products quarterly or monthly to make their children educate with fun. These products are available for various ages.


Startups or innovations are the need for a great future. The culture of job-seeking needs to be changed, and it should be replaced by startup making and job giving. So, these were the top startups of 2019, and we hope that this year will bring some more interesting and innovative startups too.

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