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Tolexo Launches India’s First B2B Seller Panel

The first-of-its-kind in-house, custom-developed Seller Panel platform in Indian B2B e-commerce set to make B2B selling more efficient, lucrative & seamless has launched its Seller Panel, the first such merchant platform in India’s B2B e-commerce segment that has been developed in-house, is fully customized and is managed end-to-end by Tolexo. The objective of launching the panel is to offer enhanced visibility to sellers and enable them to manage their business-related tasks seamlessly. As a market front runner in innovation, the move is in line with Tolexo’s constant thrust on making the B2B e-commerce Eco-system in India more sustainable and lucrative for all stakeholders.

As per the press release, the newly-launched Tolexo Seller Panel has host of salient features. Its one-stop dashboard offers easy access to features like order processing, managing catalogues, payments, exports etc. and also aids in inventory management and forecasting stock requirements. In addition, splitting of orders & packages into multiple packages helps in bulk order management. For all this, virtual tour guide is provided to assist sellers for a seamless experience.

Speaking on the launch, Brijesh Agrawal, Founder, Tolexo said, “In our endeavour to make the eco-system as viable as possible and in view of the 10X growth that we are targeting, the launch of the Seller Panel has been a natural step in our evolution as a catalyst for B2B e-commerce. Maintaining our pioneering stand in the market, we are the only Indian player to launch a seller platform that has been developed in-house and has been tailored to perfection to meet the needs of the merchants who sell through us.”

Mr. Neeraj R. Vyas of Proteger, and a satisfied Seller on Tolexo’ platform said, “Tolexo’s newly introduced, In-house Seller center has been a revelation in B2B industry. I am very pleased with the inventory management dashboard and order processing mechanism on it. Given large scale seller unrest on other platforms, Tolexo understands vendor issues very well. Managing catalogues, payments, pricing, forecasting stock requirements etc. are all but smoothly managed on this.”

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