TiE Global Summit Deploys AI-Powered Matchmaking Technology

Nurturing the power of Artificial Intelligence, the TiE Global Summit to be held on Dec 8, 2020 promises to bring together 20,000+ Entrepreneurs, and 250+ VCs, PE funds, Angel Groups, and Investment Arms from 25+ countries on an ultimate platform to enable successful business matchmaking amid the pandemic.

Being an entrepreneur amid the pandemic is a daunting task. All across the world, entrepreneurs are bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 induced recession. From lack of cash flow and negative business growth to inadequacy of resources due to lockdowns and stringent social-distancing measures, the entrepreneurial community have more problems at hand than the mind space they have to find solutions.

All these factors coupled with the uncertainty that is likely to remain for years, the current business environment makes it virtually impossible for businessmen to continue chasing their dreams.

COVID-19 and the Entrepreneur

Social-distancing norms helped government’s world over keep the spread of the pandemic in check, but they proved unforeseeably detrimental to businesses.

After ten months of pandemic casting its shadows on humanity and plunging most economies into near depression, major news developments around coronavirus vaccines come with a glimmer of hope for the world. The business community expects the world to open soon, but it won’t be business as usual, like the pre-COVID times. A fool-proof vaccine is yet to be developed and vaccination of a large enough population to create global herd immunity could take several years.

The economy is undergoing a staggered, slow pace, U-shaped recovery – still far away from presenting an ideal situation to entrepreneurs. Social-distancing norms may not be as strict as they were in the first half of the year, but second and third waves of coronavirus cases are forcing countries to go back to lockdowns.

In all this chaos, the humble entrepreneur asks – Will there be a solution to it?

AI-Powered Business Matchmaking at the TIE Global Summit

TGS 2020 is an initiative to establish a meeting point for entrepreneurs to share their game-changing ideas with potential investors. The three-day virtual meet promises to bring together 20,000+ Entrepreneurs, and 250+ VCs, PE funds, angel groups, corporate groups and investment arms from over 25 countries for an ultimate platform to enable successful business matchmaking amid the pandemic.

Investment, pitches, networking, mentoring and awards, will be some of the distinguished features of the event, which will be attended by the world’s top 100 VCs. The unique feature of this event an AI Matchmaking platform that matches buyers to sellers, investors to investees and mentors to mentees.

The path-breaking software will select entrepreneurs by leverage enormous data at hand, and help them reach their target – be it finding a prospective buyer of products or an investor for a brilliant idea. The Matchmaking sessions will fix appointments between stakeholders from different parts of the globe.

250+ Investors are attending with investment portfolios between  $10 to $500 million for the event and estimated to fund to a tune of $250 million across 200+ startups. The process of selection is through detailed financial and market analysis, followed by, elevator pitches to the investors in the summit.

Defining the Way forward

Even in uncertain times, natural calamities or a global recession, the world has to start from somewhere to rebuild itself. With coronavirus pandemic expected to linger on in 2021, the business community needs to find an effective way to return to normal. TGS 2020 could well be the light that shows the direction amid the current gloom.

In the least, there has to be a concerted effort to get going again. Innovative virtual platforms such as the TIE Global Summit 2020 could well become the new normal for businesses to converge and take the world forward. The intellect and intent of the entrepreneurial community needs to be matched with impactful solutions.

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