The TeamViewer Presents Enterprise IT World Cloud Summit & Awards 2021 Concluded Successfully

More than 100 IT Leaders were awarded for their innovation

The much – awaited “TeamViewer Presents Enterprise IT World Cloud Summit & Awards 2021” was concluded on 8 October 2021. At the beginning Sanjay Mohapatra, Chief Editor of Enterprise IT World Magazine welcomed the guests and enumerated the importance of cloud computing and said how cloud computing is pushing the CIOs and IT Leaders closer to their objective of achieving digital transformation. At the same time, he also raised the concerns of the IT leaders about how cloud is becoming a costlier affair with the arrival of new technologies. 

Giving keynote presentation, Kurnal Patel, Director-Sales TeamViewer, said: “We are seeing various models including companies becoming B2B to B2C again B2B and all these changes are putting pressure on the IT systems. He discussed about how AR is taking center stage in a lot of industries to connect the processes in order to bring all the communications together.” As per him the customer itself is changing and the way you produce and supply is also changing. And with all this changes statuesque is not an option that is why innovation & transformation has become new normal. Innovation and agility to innovate has become one of the important indicators for organizations not only to survive but also to prosper. We have seen over the period, efforts enterprise make for digitalization has been very fragmented. He added, “Yes we have best of the breed ERP and CRM, and on top it you have RPA solution, but we are still trying to find point problem and we are still to some extent not inclusive when we are saying digital transformation for the entire workforce.   

In his keynote presentation, Venkataraman, D, Executive Director- Sales & Strategic, Crayon Software Experts India, spoke about Cloud to Growth. He said, “If you look at the change that has happened during past 18 – 24 months, I will say everything has changed. The way learning happens today from students to teacher, how the business is reaching out to the customers, how the buyer is finding the seller – all of these changed through a paradigm shift today. And it is for the good. We at Crayon believe the power of technology to drive the greater good. The moment the Human expertise & IT combined; it unlocks the potential of IT & innovation. We strongly believe in this statement and live by this. Our journey started 19 years ago. We developed expertise in software and cloud advisory in 19 years. We have 600 certifications on a wide range of technologies and solutions. We are currently in the position of addressing 80% of global addressable market with about 1600 employees spread across 50 offices in 35 counties. We have a strong partnership tide of with global base life Microsoft and AWS, we are able to serve customers across different clouds. Today, we are publicly listed company in Norway on Oslo stock exchange.”

He also highlighted on how Govt sector is focusing on the cloud and segment in order to help to serve the citisens better.     

Nishant Tripathi, Cybersecurity Consultant, North, Sophos Technologies Pvt Ltd, speaking on Close Gap in cloud Security, said, “For last 18 – 20 months we have been living in a very different era and businesses have been forced to change the way they used to work in the past. In the security industry also we have done a lot to improve in past 4-5 years. Particularly, not only how businesses have evolved but also how attackers have shifted their game but how the customers have adopted cloud because no one was prepared for this pandemic. As we migrate to Cloud, it is not only putting up servers and applications onto cloud and assessing from anywhere but also this adoption has given a lot of opportunities for companies to grow, opportunities to adopt new business process. But at the same time, this has given a lot of surface area to making an attack from the attackers’ post of view cyber-criminal. They have been very much sophisticated in today’s time. They have introduced new ways to launch and it’s not only about malware but there have been multiple incidents of data breaches and authorized access, and Cryptomining and Cryptojacking kind of concepts.” 

Biswajit Mohapatra, Partner & Executive Director, Hybrid Cloud Transformation, IBM, speaking on the topic of Robust to Resilience: Your Hybrid Cloud Transformation, said “As you know the world has changed and so also the risk for all of us. The pandemic has provided unprecedented challenges to all of us and at the same time it has presented unique opportunity as well. Today, enterprises as trying to reset their business models and reimagine their business processes and reinvent their business to stay competitive in the marketplace. The world is really becoming more intelligent, interconnected and instrumented today. That is exactly giving us the opportunity to think differently, act differently and transform to the new ways, whether it is economically, socially or technically. A new business paradigm is really evolving. When we talk about the new business paradigm, it comprised of three distinct leavers. The first lever is all about new business models – how organizations can reimagine their businesses, how can they do the market activation – that is evolving as a core focus for many of the enterprises today, the second lever is all about new ways to do work. How can I leverage all those exponential technologies that is available today to create actionable insights for the business; how can make my operations more responsive. The third lever is all about building new expertise by learning, unlearning and relearning is going to be the key focus for all of us. So, building that restless talent and orchestrated ecosystem is going to be extremely important. Gone are those when you could decide that you operate in silos, and you have all the capabilities of the world to deliver solutions to your client and it is not going to work that ways today.”    

Talking in the panel discussion on, “On-Prem vs Cloud – which is better?” Dr. Rizwan Ahmed, CTO, delaplex, said, “Cloud adoption has grown & popularity in recent years is further sustained and accelerated after the pandemic due to the digital transformation leadership according to Gartner. Worldwide end-user dependence on Public Cloud Service is forecasted to grow to a total of US$396 billion in 2021. Cloud services bring freedom enabling hardware consistency, agility, and enhanced functionality. It is very hard to deny the cloud benefits.” Dr. Mukesh Mehta, CTO- CISO, Batlivala & Karani Security India Ltd, added, “Cloud vs on-Prem is the dilemma for every today. It is there for last five years and it would continue to be there. Five years back, when we started our cloud journey, we started with one cloud but today, everyone is in multiple cloud, hybrid cloud and in same problem – whether it is BFSI, Manufacture, even healthcare. These are the common problems that everyone is having. For BFSI, many applications are in cloud, and many are on-prem. So BFSI would continue to stay in hybrid and mix mode.”  

 Amit Nerurkar, Shelby Limited, said “In the cloud governance we have to decide how the users will make the use of the cloud services. We have to create a policies to control the overall cost, minimize the overall security risk & improve the efficiency plus accelerate the deployment of the services for the business to get the benefit out of it. This is extremely important because the cloud at one point gives you a lot of flexibility but with flexibility comes a responsibility & have to check what exactly is happening overall governess frame work you have to have in place so that cost doesn’t go off the rope at the same time risk are minimize plus the business gets the benefit out of it. When it comes to overall governance you have to ensure that asset deployment system, interaction, data security everything is properly considered examined and managed. When you are shifting from on premise IT infrastructure to the cloud you need to have additional layers of complexity for your own system architecture has to be taken care.  

Atul Anand, Head Production Readiness Delivery and Transformation, Toll Technology Center, said, “when we see that Industries are having a tectonic shift because of so many things, whether it is SNACK phenomena, things are changing. Digital transformation is eating its own pie. For me, most important thing is – business, which is asking to scale up things faster or we looking for the thing which is in our own house. We being 100 plus old organization, the newer implementation the newer role out have to happen on cloud that’s how we can get agility, scalability as well. Having said that as I also see that how the kind of generation who is going the work force, they are the people how want solution. For them the cloud can be right way because you can put your application, you can put your new development. We need to understand that what the business requirement is.”   

Talking in panel discussion on, “Is security still a concern on the cloud” Mr. Arvind Koul, IT Infrastructure, added, “The Cloud adoption has been prodigy shift especially during the pandemic time people realize the power of cloud & you need to secure perimeter. Data breaches are something which is happening so frequently that is the first threat in the environment. It’s become so costly for the organization to recover from this happening. The primary reason for all this breaches but primarily I see human error. It’s very important to create an awareness, educated staff, how to handle the data and how to save it from the hackers. We need to think how to remediate and have a strategy to go with the method while we remediate line down all this kind of threats. ” Ravindra Arora, CISO, Infogain, said, “Top five concerned for the security concerned are, People are talking about organization transformation to the cloud but very few people are talking about security for the cloud. I also believe it’s even easy to transform start your journey meet your cloud transformation but also difficult part to ensure that there is an adequate security and privacy controls available in the cloud. Security has really become our biggest priority, there should be a concept of security of design. Once we actually outsource something to the cloud we actually lose control in monitoring this is the most big concerned I have witnessed myself when we have given keys to other person to manage then there is definitely losing control, we don’t know what is happening, we don’t get the 24*7 monitoring so these are the some issue.” Mr. Aryan Panchal, Head IT DIGITAL & CISO, Indigrid Ltd, said, “cloud service provider is responsible for the security of the cloud which is the permitted area and we as customer we are responsible for the security in the cloud (what we are hosting with cloud) so this of and in we need to understand and apply and take the related mentions. There should be an end-to-end security architecture &implementation of it. We need to design and implement root cyber threat intelligence efficiency monitoring of the security breaches, the vulnerability, and the text act to support all this so that we can rely on the detection and the containment of this kind of activity.”

Sachin Wangankar, Vice President, Head- Cloud Web Werks India Pt. Ltd, said “Today security is very important to cloud and cloud companies’ platforms. We listen to a lot of devops but devops cannot be complete without security. Security cannot be a past thought but should be for thought. If you are on SaaS model, then you are more concerned about draining the data and putting the right controls. It gets more and more responsibility oriented as you go for PaaS or IaaS. The responsibility goes more onto the consumer front or to the organization. So, today, we speak about data, storage, data coming from multiple options. Before you store data, there are multiple options we need to choose from. You can’t have a similar or same data for all the data classifications. There are solutions where the data is actually in scripted before it is stored on to the storage mechanism.”

Styajit Das, Director Cloud Infrastructure Services, Capgemini Technology Services concluded the session by saying, “We all understand that cloud is the future and irrespective of the security concerned that we have, it is a journey. We have to face it.”

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