Technology Trends and Market Growth Predictions for 2017

Big Data & Analytics (9)

With the proliferation of technologies like IoT, cloud and mobile, organizations are gathering more amount of data than ever before on a daily basis. Data Analytics has become the essence of any corporate decision. Earlier, this wasn’t always the case due to limited tools, less evolved data science, high cost of storage, lack of internet connected consumers. With advent of Big Data Analytics, data based decision making has taken the place of traditional methods. This has been a disruption in enterprise environments with benefits like better knowledge of target consumers, lower storage costs, and evolved data analytics algorithms, advent of AI, machine learning, and neural networks. The increasing need for agile, real time decision making in today’s fast moving corporate world has turned data into the new gold.

It is expected that beginning 2017, companies will compete in the market basis data analytics. With the availability of Machine learning, business norms will be built through machine gathered data and analysis with higher levels of accuracy. With Data available across business, every idea now goes through a big data validation of sorts. Activating and analyzing data is becoming a key focus for information-driven businesses. As enterprises continue to tread the path of increasing digitization, it is expected that data will evolve strategically for critical business decisions and investment. Data is expected to go further, and through technology convergence, will provide a greater number of people with the tools and resources, thus increasing data literacy. Data literacy is expected to become one of the most important business skills as businesses become information driven.

The enterprises are moving towards intelligent systems driven by powerful data and analytics. There are expected to be tremendous disruptions in the space of Machine Learning, Healthcare powered by IOT and Personalized Consumer Experience. The rise of autonomous systems analyzing, deciding and acting on data basis has been changing the artificial intelligence space dramatically. Machines will become more intelligent with passing time. Big data is expected to encompass anything and everything, and its implementation will range from industrial and engineering analytics, weather and risk management, precision healthcare, digital governance, hospitality, e-commerce, banking and financial sector among others. Projects like Smart Cities, Digital India, and Make in India are expected to consume major amounts of big data and further drive growth of other technologies as well.

“Organizations don’t just want control of their data for compliance but want it to perform analytics, which will trigger interesting discussions between businesses and their cloud providers.”

Ettienne Reinecke
Chief Technology Officer
Dimension Data


“Data will go beyond information activists, towards providing more people with the tools and training to increase data literacy.”

Souma Das
Managing Director
Qlik India



“We will see tremendous changes in the space of Machine Learning, Healthcare powered by IoT and Personalized Consumer Experience,”

Mahesh Nayak H
Chief Operating Officer
SAP Labs India



“Organizations will use machine learning technologies to enhance products or create entirely new product categories.”

Kalyan Kumar
Executive Vice President and CTO
HCL Technologies



“We will see heightened focus from information-driven businesses turning data into assets and managing it better to generate new revenue streams.”

Ramesh Mamgain
Area Vice President (India and SAARC)



“Big Data will be instrumental in marketing & sales; enterprises will also using it effectively as a cyber security tool.”

Tarun Vig
Innefu Labs



“Cloud and data analytics will boost marketing technology providing necessary infrastructure to build newer tools, applications to support contextual & account-based marketing techniques”

Garima Rai
Head of Marketing for APAC


“Data analytics will boost efficiencies and accuracies in many business processes. Companies will therefore, compete basis data analytics 2017 onwards.”

Rohit Verma


“Continuous business innovations in the areas of augmented reality, advanced analytics & machine learning will result in more intelligent programs and platforms across industries.”

Manish Choudhary
SVP, Global Innovation and MD
India, Pitney Bowes

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