Tableau Speeds Up Data Analysis, Sharing and Collaboration

Launches newest version with the “always connected” Tableau Desktop for faster ways to prep data, more governance and easier administration

Tableau Software has made available the Tableau 9.3 featuring new ways to analyze data and share findings faster. Making data operations faster and more streamlined than before, the new version packs new features such as “always connected” Tableau Desktop, improved global map coverage, faster ways to prepare data for analysis, more governance features and easier administration. Tableau 9.3 also offers direct connectivity to the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse.

According to the press release, Tableau has significantly improved the global map coverage in version 9.3. New data will be added to Tableau 9.3 Geo-coding Database and Tableau Map Service with more than 250,000 new data points with postal code additions for 39 European countries including Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, India districts, USA demographic data layers and ZIP Code updates for 2016 and postal code updates to UK, France and Germany.

Apart from Geo-database updating, the new version will ensure Tableau Server availability and optimize performance with new server monitoring and configuration features. The software will provide features to easily combine tables of data by appending values from one table to another for Excel and text-based data sources. Tableau Server and Tableau Online will now have content analytics and enhanced search capabilities and also a version control tool to restore previous versions of a published workbook.

“We have prioritized sharing and collaboration in Tableau 9.3, and it will be immediately noticeable once people open Tableau Desktop,” said Chris Stolte, Chief Development Officer and co-founder of Tableau Software. “The ‘always connected’ feature means it’s easier to share while staying in the flow of your analysis. We’ve also addressed customer requests to advance our global map coverage and to make data prep easier, as well as made improvements across Tableau that create a more delightful experience for everyone.”

Connector for Snowflake Computing

Tableau 9.3 is one of the first analytics platforms to connect directly to the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse giving analysts a fast, easy solution for exploring data at any scale.

“Giving our Tableau users native connectivity to Snowflake means that they can perform both simple and complex exploration and analysis as fast as they can think of new questions to ask,” said Raphy Mathias, Director of Business Intelligence at Research Now. “Not needing to think about configuring, tuning, and managing a data warehouse means they can focus on using data.”

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