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SUSE addresses Meltdown, Spectre vulnerabilities in recent Linux Enterprise versions

Company released patches for most recent SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) versions

SUSE announced the release of patches for recent SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) versions to address Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities. The company also announced that the additional patches for other SLE versions and environments will follow shortly.

Last week, security community and a number of IT vendors announced the existence of several hardware security vulnerabilities that allow potential exploits across a range of hardware architectures and operating systems including but not limited to Linux. SUSE engineers immediately collaborated with the partners and the Linux community on upstream Linux kernel patches.

The company is updating all the information on the patches, which can be viewed on Technical Information Document page.

Citing the vulnerabilities, Rajarshi Bhattacharyya, Country Head at SUSE said, “The attack against modern CPUs has put a wide variety of systems at risk. SUSE as an operating system vendor has always been the first to address these sort of issues. We encourage organizations to use paid subscriptions which provide enterprise-grade support and security for running their workloads. This allows OS vendors to fix bugs in real time and prevent the loss of critical information. We also encourage service providers who have very stringent SLA’s to use more enterprise Linux operating system as that will help them adhere to their SLA’s inspite of such severe issues”.

SUSE informed that due to the nature of this issue, applying the maintenance updates will require a reboot of the operating system. As the research on these issues continues across the industry, the company will continuously update details on the same and will be releasing kernel updates for all maintained SUSE products to mitigate these issues.

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