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SPOCHUB – A Digital Marketplace with a Curated Catalogue of Innovative Solutions.

The rapidly changing market scenario is driving Businesses to adapt to the digital transformation. Any kind of transformation is not easy. Businesses face multiple challenges in achieving growth, retaining customers, and efficient operations. While doing this, they are expected to keep up with the changing market, technology updates, industry requirements, budget constraints, and increasing competition.

On the other end, ISVs and Startups often have to carve their path single-handedly. They have to focus on various aspects of their business at one single time.  

We bridge the gap, SPOCHUB – SaaS PaaS On-Click: India’s Largest Digital Marketplace is here to a. Assure Businesses of handholding them in the complete DX journey by providing industry-specific solutions at ease and b. Enable ISVs and Startups with world-class digital infrastructure, offering services like GTM, innovative tech platforms etc. as they focus on the core priorities of further innovating their products/services.

Cyber World is a Reality – The Internet brings everything to our doorstep. This single word has brought a massive transformation in everyone’s lives. We can order almost anything online. The majority of transactions are now happening digitally. VFX helps in creating visuals that otherwise would only be trapped in someone’s imagination. Now as everything is gradually switching online, we bring cyber components that can be available with a single click. 

Disruptive Invention can be a boon – Any invention that can disrupt the current practices of the market and positively transform people’s lives has always added value in the long run. Internet is a great example of that. If one can remember, around 2 decades ago software was bought on a Floppy Disc or a CD from retail or a distributor. And today, we cannot imagine our lives without the internet – an irreversible disruption. The vision of making people’s life simpler always succeeds. We aim to help people in the seamless digital transformation of their business by enabling them to choose the best from a wide array of products and services thus enhancing their productivity.

Closely working with ISVs – Through our unique Digital Ecosystem SPOCHUB, we closely work with ISVs and Startups that offer innovative solutions to the problems faced by various businesses. These unique solutions are made available at affordable pricing (Opex Model) with a single click. 

Industry-specific solutions – Generalized issues and their common solutions are a thing of the past. Every industry faces hurdles that are unique to them and they desire innovative solutions that can solve the very specific problem. From Government to Education we support all verticals in their desired ways. We operate on the “You Grow We Grow” model, customers are charged on a transaction basis. One needn’t worry about cloud, security as it comes as a part of the bundled solution. The industry-specific services are provided under a single hub and other innovative offerings makes us a Unique Marketplace. 

Digital Infrastructure –Digital Infrastructure is vital for the continuity of any business and the provision of seamless service. Our parent company ESDS has built a world-class digital infrastructure over the past 17 years and touches more than 50% of the Indian population. World’s largest smart meter project runs on this infrastructure. We host various government initiatives and enterprise applications where millions of transactions are executed daily. 

To achieve robust digital transformation, a reliable and strong digital infrastructure is necessary. Leveraging the strength of our parent ESDS we enable ISVs to offer their products to customers assuring them an end-to-end DX with a seamless service. 

End-to-end Services –ISVs and Startups have to face a major challenge of focusing on multiple areas at one point in time, ranging from marketing, PR, legal, sales, funds, digital infrastructure, and much more. This hurdle often derails their big plan of achieving success. Our digital tech ecosystem helps curb this issue allowing young minds to breathe. Along with the right digital infrastructure, the ISVs and Startups will find a great opportunity to find the right customer base for their product offering and vice versa. With a complete Cloud Infrastructure, SPOCHUB ensures that ISVs and Startups get enough time to focus on developing their innovative solutions and serving the customers while other activities like complete GTM, from digital marketing to sales support, providing services like virtual legal, CMO, CFO and assisting in the creation of funding opportunities. 

Cyber Security is the need of the hour – With increasing digitalization, the cyber threat also has become a concern of this day in time. Changes happen in the blink of an eye and data transfers at the speed of lightning. With the high possibility of cyber threat, the digital assets of an organization are always at stake. Their vulnerability can spoil the reputation, ultimately challenging the survival of the business. On SPOCHUB, any organization can now identify ready to use, plug and play solutions or customized security solutions from onboarded expert partners who are exceptionally experienced in a specific industry domain. The exclusive insights in the secure domain help organizations in staying upgraded well ahead of time.

Complete Bundle Offer – Segregation of offerings as per their utility often helps in finding the right solution:

1. Core – Specific to the particular industry verticals. 

2. Functional – Internal functionality or shared services related solutions that are common across industries. 

3. Utilities/VAS – Tech-enabled products or services related to security, utilities, value-added services. Typically, some of these products also serve across industries. 

At the core, SPOCHUB assists in Enabling ISVs to function hassle-free while Assuring Customers a seamless experience. Our End-to-End services tackle all challenges faced by the Independent Software Vendors and Startups helping them reach their business goals and act as truly DX partner for customers. 

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