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Spectranet Launches 100 Mbps Internet Services

Fastest ‘Truly Unlimited, Symmetric and most cost-effective service’ anywhere in the country

Spectranet has launched its 100 Mbps, truly-unlimited, symmetric residential internet service at a highly affordable price of Rs 1199. Spectranet is currently offering this service in Gurgaon along with a never-before no-obligation 3-month trial offer, with plans to replicate the same across the country.

This is a first for India. Never before has such abundant symmetric bandwidth (100 Mbps) been provided at such an affordable price (Rs 1199) with no caps on data download usage. There is no reductions in bandwidth speeds after customers reach an arbitrary data download limit, making the service ‘Truly Unlimited’. And this abundant bandwidth is provided symmetrically – remaining the same for upload and download, thereby reflecting the fact that netizens today are active participators in the internet and not just passive users – they create, curate and consume content.

The three-month experience will enable people, who today are suffering from abysmal bandwidth speeds (spending more time for the data to download, than actually surfing the internet), to understand and experience the paradigm shift of what it is like to have a truly-world-class internet service.

Speaking on the offering, Udit Mehrotra, MD & CEO, Spectranet said, “PM Modi understands the potential that India has to offer, and has rightly launched the Digital India initiative. In today’s age, India can only attain global dominance based on its progress on the information superhighway. The current IT infrastructure has to be thoroughly augmented to realize this dream. Our service offering is a step in this direction.” “Every feature of this service from Spectranet reflects its ambition to be an innovative and disruptive technology company, dedicatedly working to advance the lives of the people in urban India by creating and delivering the best internet service.”

Role of high bandwidth has evolved from a mere connectivity aspect to that of a central nervous system and absolute vital infrastructure for any dynamic economy. Vibrant economies today are fueled by abundant and affordable internet infrastructure available to all. This ensures that technology, product and service innovation is matched by the ability of internet services users to access them and capitalize on the advantages that they bring.

Spectranet is fully committed to the concept of Smart cities – one that is able to deliver a far superior eco-system for its inhabitants in three ways, namely “Smart spaces”, “Smart facilities” and “Smart ecosystem”. For the latter two an effective, reliable, high capacity and “built in” digital infrastructure, is essential. Key to this is an optic fibre based internet network. Spectranet is providing the same internet service infrastructure that is available in other developed countries. Spectranet uses a superior network design to deliver internet connectivity capable of 1 Gbps to the home.

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