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Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud, Now Powered by Tableau


Genie Customer Data Cloud is seeing massive adoption, powering 43 billion consumer engagements and ingesting 1.1 trillion records for Salesforce customers during Cyber Week 2022

Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud is now powered by Tableau. This would help companies analyze billions of data points stored and harmonized in Genie using Tableau, and then visualize, explore, and automate insights and take action securely. In addition, because Genie is natively integrated with Tableau, businesses can drive down data warehousing costs, increase time to insight, and enable better decision making by bringing all their data and analytics together in one place.

Genie Customer Data Cloud now processes more than 100 billion customer records on average daily across the entire Salesforce Customer 360, enabling every company to use data and become a customer company by saving time and money while growing revenue with the world’s #1 CRM. During Cyber Week 2022 alone, Genie Customer Data Cloud enabled 43 billion customer engagements for Salesforce customers and ingested 1.1 trillion records.

Announced at Dreamforce, Genie Customer Data Cloud ingests, harmonizes, and unifies all of a company’s customer data across channels and interactions into a single, real-time customer profile, so every experience across the Customer 360 is more automated, intelligent, integrated, and real time.

The rise of customer companies

In today’s economic environment, every company must focus on their customers, and it all starts with data. Businesses have massive amounts of siloed, disparate, and difficult to manage data. In the past, companies needed to build complex data pipelines, which created issues with data duplication, static or out-dated data and ultimately, delayed or flawed decision making. To succeed, companies need access to vast amounts of data from within Salesforce and elsewhere that inform business decisions in relevant, easy-to-understand ways. With Genie Customer Data Cloud powered by Tableau, organizations can bring in harmonized customer data, engagement data and external data efficiently, and at scale.

“Every company needs to be a customer company, but customer expectations are changing in real time and companies need real-time data and timely actionable insights. Genie Customer Data Cloud is revolutionary because it is the first platform that can deliver real-time personalized customer engagement across every sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT touchpoint,” said Steve Fisher, EVP and GM, Next Gen CRM and Unified Data Services, Salesforce. “Now, powered by Tableau, Genie Customer Data Cloud enables companies to securely visualize, explore, and act on their data about every customer, in real-time, on the right channel, at scale. This is only the beginning of what’s possible as we build more native automation, intelligent, and real-time integrations deeper into the platform.”

Genie Customer Data Cloud powered by Tableau

With Tableau now powering Genie Customer Data Cloud, customers in every business can visualize, automate, explore, and act on data in real time. This means:

  • Marketers can leverage data to understand the factors driving customers’ attitudes and behaviors and maximize every cart with personalized recommendations. Real-time sales, commerce, and web traffic data can help brands scale to meet demand quickly, delivering a flawless customer experience and connecting engagement to activity, for example, following unplanned endorsements or a video going viral on social media.
  • Service leaders can access real-time data on customer activity — such as what’s in their shopping cart — and use that to route customers to the right agents with the right skills. Once connected, Genie provides the agent with a unified customer profile so they can personalize the service experience for that customer.
  • Automotive leaders can get insights into daily and monthly driving distances and trips by model and region, helping them understand driving habits and usage to help upsell subscription services, and better service customers.
  • Retailers can turn their enormous reservoir of customer data into actionable insights. A holistic understanding of customer data can help create personalized shopping experiences and help organizations across the industry make informed decisions about marketing, sales, and loyalty.
  • Financial Services companies can use client activities and life events to better understand their clients’ financial needs and proactively help them plan for key milestones like buying a new home, paying for college, or planning their retirement.

Customers are using Genie to create personalized customer experiences at massive scale to increase revenue, efficiency, and productivity

With Genie Customer Data Cloud, companies across every industry globally can leverage their data directly within Salesforce to drive the most relevant business outcomes. Whether patient data for healthcare, telemetry data for manufacturing, or shopper data for retail, Genie can ingest all data in real time and create personalized actions across the Customer 360. 

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