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RSA NetWitness Enables Faster Detection and Response with Threat Intelligence Integration

Only solution to integrate threat intelligence across Logs, Packets, and Endpoints to enhance ability to find both known and unknown threats

RSA, The Security Division of EMC has deepened its bench with new integrated threat intelligence partners for the RSA NetWitness Suite. The RSA NetWitness Suite is designed to incorporate threat intelligence from customers, threat intelligence partners, RSA experts and the RSA customer community through Live Connect by utilizing threat intelligence from its expansive network to enhance an organization’s ability to find both known and unknown threats.

Grant Geyer, Senior Vice President, Products, RSA said, “Since threat actors change their tools and techniques, threat intelligence has a shelf life. That means security teams need to be armed with great visibility and a variety of current sources of threat data to bring the attacks into view. We are continuously expanding our ability to ingest one of the most inclusive a variety of data sources, including crowdsourced and STIX formatted threat intelligence, to provide comprehensive visibility into emerging threats and empower our customers to immediately act on the valuable insights uniquely provided by the RSA NetWitness Suite across logs, packets, and endpoints.”

As per the release, the crowdsourced threat intelligence through Live Connect allows for faster identification of new attacks and more accurate prioritization of incidents. RSA will be adding both Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) and Threat Intelligence Content (TIC) partners. The new TIP partners include ThreatConnect and Soltra, which manage various sources of threat intelligence (internal, 3rd party, open source, etc.). The new TIC partner, Recorded Future, provides a real-time threat intelligence product that collects, organizes, and analyzes web information to help security teams proactively defend against cyber-attacks. These threat intelligence content providers are utilized by the RSA NetWitness Suite and are designed to offer security analysts real-time context about an investigation so they can more quickly detect and respond to an incident.

The RSA NetWitness Suite is powered by the RSA Advanced Analytics Platform and takes in Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX) formatted threat intelligence is engineered to provide enhanced security analytics including data science modeling, context enrichment, user and endpoint analysis, behavior analytics, and machine learning for accelerating threat detection and rapid response. All TIP partners and TIC providers are certified through the RSA Ready Partner Program.

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