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R&M redefines Network Quality with ‘Better connected’ initiative

R&M recently launched the «Better connected» initiative. The focus is on the entire life cycle of data networks – from planning to multiple years of operation. The initiative proves why networks incorporating R&M components help to save time and money.

“It is all about taking more into account than just the material and installation costs and the common standards when planning data networks. A top-quality installation with higher initial costs is always the less expensive solution over the long term”, says Hermann Christen, Market Development Manager at R&M.

Experts in the more than 40 R&M branches worldwide will be providing consulting services to the markets as part of the initiative. At the same time new training programs are being offered by the R&M Academy which awards places to interested planners, project leads, installers and distributors. Academy graduates become qualified R&M partners. They receive exclusive certificates as well as comprehensive specialist, technical and logistical support in network projects.

Visitors to the site will find out why better quality cabling saves money long term. They can also consult a criteria catalog which supports them in the definition of project goals, the evaluation of the infrastructure as well as in the selection of qualified project partners and services.

“The network breakdowns of recent years caused immense damage. Companies lost millions in terms of revenue within just minutes, not to mention their good reputation. Customers lost faith in data centers, the cloud, the Internet of Things and convenient online services”, says R&M of current risks. Hermann Christen: “Permanently fail-safe data networks are essential for business to survive. Which means it is all the more important to prevent faults and downtime throughout the life cycle of a network. Products and systems that have been developed and tested for practice are intended precisely for this purpose.”

Sustainable connectivity solutions are about more than standard-compliant products. At the start of network planning, there should, for example, be detailed specifications as well as independent and verifiable proof of performance for all products. “If you have to start providing proof later, you lose valuable time. Poor documentation leads to higher planning costs,” explains R&M.

Ultimately those responsible for the network fulfill the quality and compliance requirements of their companies, customers and insurance company when they can prove greater operational reliability and one-hundred-percent control.

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