Rapid7 Announces Its First Annual Social Good Report

Inaugural 2022 Social Good Report highlights Rapid7’s work in diversity, equity and inclusion; advancing cybersecurity; purposeful philanthropy; environmental sustainability; and governance

Rapid7 a leading provider of security analytics and automation, today announced its 2022 Social Good Report, the company’s first comprehensive and centralized look at its social good activities, which are vital components to how the company works toward realizing its vision of a secure and prosperous digital future for all.

Driven by deeply ingrained core values, Rapid7 believes that giving back to communities, encouraging diverse perspectives, and contributing to the overall social good of society are foundational to the company. Whether it’s increasing opportunities for groups historically marginalized by race and ethnicity, supporting STEM education or elevating global cybersecurity efforts, social good is not an initiative, but rather a fundamental commitment to making the world a better place.

“I am extraordinarily honored to share the first collective look at our work around social good, our values-focused mindset and investments aimed at creating a secure and resilient future where everyone is empowered to enact positive change,” said Corey Thomas, chairman and chief executive officer of Rapid7. “This report is part of our effort to drive access and inclusion in cybersecurity. Through transparency and accountability, we aim to build an equitable and sustainable future and drive a dialogue about challenges and solutions for advancing cybersecurity as a whole.”

Rapid7 wants to realize its vision of a secure and prosperous digital future for everyone—not just customers, partners, or those in the tech community. As more of the world moves online every day, Rapid7 is working to connect everyone with powerful security technology and practices.

Rapid7’s commitment to social good is embodied through its actions of empowering people, advancing cybersecurity, protecting our environment for the future, and operating with integrity. The Social Good Report details the company’s activities in these key areas:

·        Social good – including diversity, equity and inclusion; advancing cybersecurity, and purposeful philanthropy; and

·        Corporate citizenship – including environmental sustainability and governance.

“At Rapid7, Social Good goes beyond traditional diversity, equity and inclusion requirements, volunteer service minimums, or an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) framework,” continued Thomas. “We have an intrinsic understanding of the necessity of fostering diversity, maintaining and supporting local communities to make a positive impact now in order to promise a more positive future tomorrow.”

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