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Radware Introduces Adaptive New Suite to Tackle Evolving Cyberthreats

Launches new suite of Cloud Security Service with comprehensive, automated Cloud protection service which continuously adapts to offer fastest threat detection and mitigation

Change has always been a threat to businesses, but the rate at which cyber security threats and applications evolve adds new urgency for organizations to adapt. Radware has come out with an expanded portfolio of Cloud Security Services that continuously adapts in step with evolving threats and ongoing development of applications.

According to the release, Radware is offering a full suite of cloud protection services that can give organizations the optimal protection they need and fit within their unique network and application environments. This new Cloud Security Service offering is an adaptive solution that combines cloud DDoS, volumetric, and application firewall attack protection into a configuration that is unique to the client’s needs, whether that is an always-on, on-demand, or hybrid solution. Once installed, Radware’s Cloud Security Services automatically adapt to evolving threats and protected assets.

Cyberattacks evolve at a blinding pace. To protect themselves, organizations must regularly adjust to the changing environment and minimize human intervention. For businesses with cloud-based network infrastructure, or that don’t have the bandwidth to support comprehensive in-house security resources, this new offering can provide much-needed protection.

Radware’s new suite of Always-On Cloud Security Services will automatically detect and mitigate a wide range of attack vectors, including DDoS, burst attacks, complex volumetric attacks, SSL-based attacks, zero-day attacks, SQL injections, and more. In fact, it is the only cloud-based solution available today that can mitigate SSL-based attacks while maintaining user data confidentiality. This means that the organization can remain focused on business operations, while Radware addresses the attack.

The evolution of the cyberattack landscape is not the only risk to an organization’s network security. Whether in a cloud, hybrid cloud, or data center environment, the fluidity of application development and modification can also create a bevy of unintended security risks. Radware’s suite of cloud security service is the first continuously adaptive service that automatically generates protections for zero-day attacks within seconds and continuously adjusts to new applications and updates required protections, said the release.

Haim Zelikovsky, VP of Cloud Business at Radware said, “Today’s attack landscape is fully automated, complex, and encrypted. With the size and sophistication of the threat landscape evolving at such a rapid rate, businesses need a security solution that can learn and adapt at pace with the attacks. Many organizations have either migrated into a cloud environment or they don’t have the in-house security staff or the resources to keep up. By offering Radware’s Cloud Security Services, we can do it for them.”

Carl Herberger, VP of Security Solutions at Radware remarked, “Businesses of all sizes are attacked on a daily basis. This cloud-only offering presents a viable enterprise-grade option for a wide range of organizations to defend themselves from growing cybersecurity threats.”

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