QuSecure and Accenture Team in First Successful Multi-Orbit Communications Link Showcasing Post-Quantum Crypto Modernization


Companies Usher in New Era in Quantum-Resiliency Advancing from Internet to Interstellar Utilizing the Latest in Space Technologies

 QuSecure, a leader in post-quantum cybersecurity, today announced that the company, in collaboration with Accenture, has accomplished the first successful multi-orbit data communications test secured with post-quantum cryptography (PQC), which refers to cryptographic methods that are secure against an attack by a quantum computer. This demonstrates that crypto-agility, successfully rotating to a less vulnerable algorithm, is real and possible.

Before this achievement, data from multi-orbit satellites could be collected and potentially broken by classical means and quantum computers with enough power. Recognizing the world’s growing reliance on satellite communications, QuSecure and Accenture teamed to deliver a crypto-agile quantum-resilient channel from earth to a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite. From there, the breakthrough transmission included a switch over from LEO to a geosynchronous orbit (GEO) satellite and back down to earth, as a model for redundancy in the event of a breach, failure or threat to satellites in a single orbit.

This outcome was accomplished through an Accenture-facilitated LEO data transmission. The entire transmission was secured using both classical cybersecurity and quantum-resilient cybersecurity utilizing QuSecure’s QuProtectTM platform, all with no installation of software on the satellites. This demonstrates QuProtect’s ability to upgrade secure communications on existing hardware with a software layer. QuSecure’s software solution is an opening salvo in the $20 billion-a-year crypto modernization effort that government and private enterprise are undertaking to implement a zero-trust architecture before quantum computers begin decrypting today’s data.

“Outer space is getting more crowded and contested every day, and providing reliable space-based security is critical  in today’s global economy,” said Tom Patterson, Quantum and Space Security lead at Accenture. “Blue sky thinking addressing real world issues is what Accenture’s clients require, and security is a critical component of delivering the best solutions around the world.  Bringing advanced security capabilities like QuSecure’s quantum-resistant crypto agility systems to orbit drives Accenture forward to better secure businesses on earth and throughout the space ecosystem.”

Now QuSecure and Accenture can help organizations conduct live, more secure (from both a classical and quantum security perspective) communications and data transmissions through multiple orbits in space. The flexibility, speed and abundance of LEO satellite communications (350-2,000 km altitude) can be protected by QuSecure’s Quantum Secure Layer (QSL) within traditional public key infrastructure.

“As more organizations are increasingly relying on space technology to provide solutions, resiliency and more relevant information, security of those systems and the data is paramount,” said Paul Thomas, Space Innovation Lead, Technology Innovation at Accenture. “Accenture’s Space Innovation and Security teams are working together to ensure our partners and clients are prepared and secure as they embark on their space journeys. We are pleased to work with QuSecure in bringing crypto security to secure space data transmission.”

QuSecure’s same protective encryption can transmit up to GEO satellites whose 37,000 km orbit can carry more traffic with greater coverage. This enables servers, edge, IoT, battlefield, point-of-sale, and other devices outside conventional data networks to adopt quantum-safe communications using satellite communications. From secure military communications to financial payment and data transmissions, organizations now can be better protected from malicious data harvesting. Data harvested today can be decrypted by a quantum computer in the future, an active and ongoing practice known as Steal Now Decrypt Later (SNDL).

“We are thrilled to announce our work with Accenture as we embark on a revolutionary journey to secure the digital landscape through multi-orbit networking, crypto-agility, and a strong, synergistic collaboration,” said Dr. Garrison Buss, QuSecure’s Chief Strategy Officer. “As pioneers in post-quantum cybersecurity, our collaboration will elevate our clients’ protection by leveraging the power of advanced networking solutions that span terrestrial, aerial, and space domains. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, combined with Accenture’s extensive domain expertise, will drive us to deliver unparalleled security solutions in a world that is increasingly interconnected and reliant on data.”

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