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Polycom Catalyzes Video Collaboration for Kerala Enterprises

Company is building deeper engagements with government, hospitals and retail organisations in the State, showcasing the benefits of collaboration technology

Polycom is addressing the increased demand in Kerala for technology which enables workforces to be connected from anywhere. Improvement in network infrastructure in Tier 2 cities across India allows adoption of the latest technology, not previously suitable.

Companies based in Tier 2 cities are exploring newer geographies to substantial impact for their services or products. Organisations such as V-Guard Industries Ltd., the largest electrical manufacturer in Kerala, are turning to stronger collaboration for increased employee engagement, faster decision-making and obtaining real-time information.

Speaking on the growth of collaboration solutions, Ankur Goel, Director Sales, Polycom said “As network infrastructure continues to expand across Indian Tier 2 cities, collaboration through technology will be crucial to increasing business efficiency for faster project delivery, better team work and improved bottom line revenues. Polycom’s unique expertise has allowed businesses in Kerala to transfer video best practices across the company, saving both time and money resulting in enhanced productivity and increased top line revenue growth.”

With over 25 years of innovation, Polycom video collaboration solutions have delivered improved efficiency and productivity benefits to many organisations in India. This includes virtual learning programs, remote healthcare services, citizen services and improved manufacturing processes, regardless of location. By showcasing benefits to leading corporations in Kerala, Polycom looks to deeply partner with government, healthcare and retail sectors for business growth.

V-Guard Industries Ltd, a major segment contributor in India, has a network of over 500 distributors, 3,000 direct dealers, and over 20,000 retailers and service centres spread across 29 states. In its endeavour to reach teams across the country V-Guard relies on collaboration technology to bring about efficiencies in workflow, streamline operations and enhance customer service.

Robin Joy, CIO, V-Guard, said, “Video collaboration is a vital tool for the success of V-Guard and has become the standard of communication throughout the organisation. Polycom’s video solutions have changed our meeting culture for the better. Now employees can meet face-to-face on a moment’s notice, regardless of where they are, therefore building a culture that supports faster and more precise decision-making, while also reducing operational costs and increasing workplace efficiency.”

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