Oracle Exadata Enabled Accelya to Help its Customers

Accelya Helps Airlines Increase Competitiveness By Managing Peak Loads Up to 200% Above Daily Average

Accelya is now able to accelerate transaction throughput for its airline customers, by up to 2.5x and can process more than 100 million transactions per year, quickly and reliably. The company has also been able to increase airline competitiveness by managing peak loads up to 200 percent above daily average.

The company has adopted Oracle Exadata Database Machine for its comprehensive financial accounting software for airlines travel, which has helped them improve transaction processing throughput, enabling them to provide accurate and detailed revenue reports to airlines on a daily basis, to meet the requirements imposed by their compliance and finance departments.

“We have subjected the Oracle Exadata Database Machine to very high transaction loads, and we’ve been reaping the benefits,” said Prameet Savla, Vice President – Technology, Accelya Kale Solutions Limited. “The traditional revenue accounting systems were scaled to handle daily average load with about 20-30 percent buffer margin. However, this number could go as high as 200 percent above daily average during peak loads and often resulted in backlogs that took days, or even weeks to catch up. With Oracle Exadata’s unrivalled processing power, our customers can generate detailed, accurate revenue reports within 24 hours. The speed is a real game-changer in this industry,” he added.

“The airline industry has become highly competitive, therefore it’s prudent for airlines to innovate and drive new services to grow their customer base,” said Venkatesh Krishnan, Vice President, Technology, Oracle India. “We are pleased that the Oracle Exadata Database Machine has been able to support Accelya Kale’s airlines customers in an important way,” he added.

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