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Oracle Enhances its Comprehensive Cloud Security Capabilities with Integrated Threat Management


Oracle is expanding the built-in security services and capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to help customers protect their cloud applications and data against emerging threats. Five new capabilities round out OCI’s already comprehensive security offering, including a new built-in and cloud-native firewall service and enhancements to Oracle Cloud Guard and Oracle Security Zones. These innovations will further help ensure that organizations can easily secure their cloud deployments and applications with simple, prescriptive, and integrated services that in most cases, do not require additional investment. 

As organizations across industries, from financial services to retail, move mission-critical workloads to the cloud, they must defend against security vulnerabilities from inside and outside the firewall that are resulting in more breaches and exposed data. For example, highlighting threats that originate from inside a company, Gartner® estimates that “through 2023, at least 99 percent of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.”[1] To overcome this challenge, cloud users and administrators are now expected to know how cloud security services work, configure them correctly, and maintain their cloud deployments.

Kapil Makhija, Vice President -Technology Cloud, Oracle India said, “At Oracle, our decades of success in managing customers’ most mission critical workloads is a testament of our security-first commitment. In India as well, we understand that defending data against any threat can be a challenge for many customers who are still accepting cloud. Therefore, we regularly collaborate with all our customers to help them ensure that a no compromise security culture is developed especially in the current ever evolving threat landscape.” 

“We believe that our Indian customers will be able to leverage the benefits of the newly announced innovations and further fortify their data, be aligned with their regulatory requirements, and prevent any security breaches. Also, in continuation to our commitment towards ensuring cloud economics, the new capabilities are focussed towards being cost effective and efficient.” He added

Jay Bretzmann, Security Program director, IDC, said,“Organizations are just as confident critical applications and data can be safely hosted in a cloud environment as they are on-premises. So, the question becomes one of best fit; OCI’s cloud infrastructure design and new security services are very purposeful and prescriptive based on the hindsight of other cloud options in the market and complexities and lack of automation other providers’ customers encounter. Oracle has now made cloud security easy to consume and affordable for its customers.” 

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