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No Democracy, No Right Capitalism Has Survived On Large Industries: Ravinder Singh

In his keynote address on Digital Compassion, Ravinder Singh CIO, (Tata SIA Airlines – Vistara), speaks about how the Indian education system is compassionate to give you bread and butter. But it is not compassionate to enable students so that they can create more jobs. He went on to suggest how this problem can be solved.  

“The fact is that the hardware and software that we have in this particular country, is actually not paying for this particular country. No democracy, no right capitalism has survived on large industries. We have to go back to the space of creating more employment. Go to the villages, bring smart satellites, transmit internet to remote villages and germinate as many start-ups as you can. In that space, let them create jobs. Re-define employment to make it a mix of creativity and productivity both. Use Blockchain to create a node for each and every citizen so that even minority voice is noted at least if not agreed upon. Build locally, quickly and cohesively in this country. Find small spaces in your large companies where you can do genuine experimentation. Find, build and train from within your own locality. That is the only way we can redefine employment in this country.” 

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