Networks Struggle to Cope with Modern Workplace’s Changing Demands

Barracuda-sponsored Survey identifies the key issues affecting the performance of critical business applications

A survey of more than 400 small, mid and large-sized enterprises has highlighted a fast-growing discrepancy between the capabilities of their network infrastructures and what network administrators need to do their jobs effectively. Approximately 52 percent admitted that managing application performance, availability and security is a significant problem due to a “disjointed, complex and hard-to-manage” environment.

The survey, conducted by Freeform Dynamics on behalf of security and storage leader, Barracuda Networks set out to identify the key issues affecting the performance of critical business applications. The findings indicated that many business networks are showing signs of stress when trying to keep up with the demands of the modern workplace.

“Everything is increasing – the traffic, the data, the access points, and the number of users and devices,” said Wieland Alge, vice president and GM EMEA, Barracuda. “The survey results underpin how important it is for companies to consider all of these points in order to scale their network infrastructure.”

Highlights from the survey results include :

Just over one-fifth (21 percent) said employees connecting remotely are generating very high or high amounts of traffic on the network. Approximately 76 percent of those surveyed expect the load from employees connecting remotely to be higher or much higher within three years.

Half (50 percent) of respondents said that growth in home working and/or other forms of remote access is impacting traffic on the corporate network.

The vast majority (84 percent) cited current or future changes in working patterns as increasing the challenge associated with application access and security.

More than half (52 percent) of those surveyed admit their network is a disjointed, complex and hard-to-manage environment, which impacts the ability to deliver consistent application performance, availability and security.

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