NEC’s millimeter wave radio for 5G backhauling

NEC Corporation has announced the launch of the new iPASOLINK EX, an ultra-compact radio communication system that achieves wireless transmission capacity of 10Gbps. This transmission capacity is equivalent to that of optical fibers, making the new product ideal for use in mobile backhaul networks for high-speed mobile services, such as LTE-Advanced and 5G.

The new product, adopting E-band range (71-86GHz frequency) millimeter radio waves, achieves low latency and high transmission capacity of 10Gbps with a single band, more than three-times higher than NEC’s existing model (*). In addition, when combined with NEC’s “multi-band utilization solution,” the new product can deliver further increased transmission capacity by transmitting data over both E-band and other frequency bands. With the new product, mobile operators can effectively increase capacity of macro/small cell backhaul, and fronthaul for Centralized Radio Access networks (C-RAN).

The new product’s Adaptive Modulation and Bandwidth Radio (AMBR) enable dynamic adjustment of its modulation method and communication bandwidth according to the particular application, weather conditions and communication distance. Thanks to this functionality, the new product makes it possible to maintain high quality network connections even in severe weather conditions.

The new iPASOLINK EX is approximately 30% smaller than the existing model (*), resulting in lower costs associated with site acquisition and installation work. The new product is also equipped with 10Gbps Ethernet interfaces, allowing it to efficiently transmit data via optical fiber to mobile core networks.

“In the upcoming 5G world, mobile services and applications are expected to become more sophisticated and diverse. This will require mobile networks to efficiently handle larger capacity traffic than ever before. The new product meets these demands, and enables mobile operators to deliver higher quality network services and an enhanced user experience,” said Yuzo Kurokami, Assistant General Manager, Mobile Wireless Solutions Division, NEC Corporation. “We are offering the new product not only for use in mobile backhaul and fronthaul applications, but also for a wide range of other networks demanding high levels of reliability.”

The new iPASOLINK EX will be featured at Mobile World Congress 2016.

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