MaxMine Enhances Mining Efficiency, Profitability, Safety, and Sustainability with Snowflake Data Cloud


MaxMine shortens mining performance analysis by 80% with 8 million hours of operational data

 MaxMine has chosen Snowflake to help mine sites become more efficient, safer, and environmentally sustainable as customers race to achieve net zero by 2050.

Under the collaboration, Snowflake’s single, integrated platform will manage more than 25 Terabytes of MaxMine’s operational data from its mining clients, providing high-quality data and near real time analysis to help mining supervisors and operators, including those in remote locations, improve equipment lifespan, optimise their operations, make informed decisions faster and deliver operational changes in their sites. 

The average open pit mine can reduce Scope 1 emissions by up to 10-15% by leveraging data.

Tom Cawley, Executive Chair and Interim CEO, MaxMine

By leveraging the Snowflake Data Cloud, MaxMine continues to build out its core product analytics capability, creating large critical data sets in running complex and large-scale queries on regular schedules. The Snowflake Data Cloud will equip the company’s customer-facing business intelligence and product development teams to decouple their workloads to maximise value to our customers.

As the world heads towards 2050 net zero goals, the mining industry is under pressure to increase production. To help build cleaner energy solutions such as solar, wind and water, the mining industry will need to mine six times more metals than today, according to the International Energy Agency. At the same time, the industry faces new sustainability requirements.

Tom Cawley, Executive Chair and Interim CEO, MaxMine, said, “the average open pit mine can reduce Scope 1 emissions by up to 10-15% by leveraging data.”

“MaxMine employs data enabling the average open pit mine to improve productivity whilst also reducing its carbon footprint by around 15-20,000 tonnes of CO2. At the same time, MaxMine’s safety solutions use data to determine incident causes and opportunities to improve truck operator behaviour.” 

Ben Chartier, Head of Product Development, MaxMine, said, “Snowflake was chosen after an extensive and in-depth review of modern cloud data technologies balanced up the technical and business needs for the MaxMine product.”

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