LTTS unveils Factory D.0 – its one-stop solution for factories of the future

L&T Technology Services is unveiling Factory D.0 – its latest set of offerings for Industry 4.0 that address the fundamental problems with the smart factory solutions of today.

As quoted by a senior analyst at HFS, “LTTS has developed a broad portfolio of proprietary technologies & platforms, to help clients accelerate implementations and realize the benefits of Industry 4.0.” The major challenge, as LTTS sees it, is in the identification of the right use-cases to ‘digitalize’

Here is a brief on some of the exciting Factory D.0 solutions that, in LTTS’ experience, have resulted in massive benefits for manufacturers across the globe.

Wireless Material Tracking

  •  The LTTS Wireless Material Tracking solution has helped manufacturers ramp up their productivity by 30% and parts availability by 40% – resulting in annual savings of $100,000.

Machine Vision Based Quality Inspection

  • LTTS has successfully implemented a 3D machine vision system to automate quality inspection – leading to a 20% reduction in reject rates. This solution helps address a common problem faced by manual inspections, which are highly erroneous and time-consuming.

Digital Twin

  • The quickest way to get optimization benefits is by understanding what to digitalize and what not to. Our digital twin simulations have helped plants with CAPEX estimations, quick root-cause analysis, and massive efficiencies through effective robot and worker utilization.

Energy Optimization using WAGES

  • Using an integrated approach toward WAGES (Water-Air-Gas-Electricity-Steam), we have helped manufacturers cut 20% of their facility costs.

Collaborative Robotics

  • When operators get too close to machines with safeguarding devices, the robots shut down. This often causes a ripple effect wherein all robotic machines in that assembly line stop functioning.

3D Modeling

  • LTTS is helping manufacturers build comprehensive 3D models of their plants.
    We are integrating these 3D models with VR technologies to give plant managers a virtual walkthrough of the entire plant.

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