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Lion Services, a One-Stop Destination for all Facility Management

Keeping in line with this mission of Swachh Bharat, Lion services has acted as a pillar of strength for the municipal corporations of major cities to attain the mission objective.

To initiate conscious cleanliness among every citizen of our country, the government started the Swachh Bharat mission. This year a budget of 12,644 Crore was allocated towards this mission with a vision to achieve universal sanitation coverage, through various schemes and processes. One such process is the CSR project. It encourages corporates to align their CSR projects with that of the government missions and therefore contributing to the betterment of the society. Funds have been allocated for the CSR project under the Swachh Bharat Mission which can be availed by the corporates, upon providing the officials with the implementation strategy and activities. 

Keeping in line with this mission of Swachh Bharat, Lion services, a frontrunner in providing comprehensive mechanized cleaning and maintenance and litter control, has acted as a pillar of strength for the municipal corporations of major cities to attain the mission objective.

With over 45 years of experience, Lion Services has tirelessly dedicated itself towards the one mission of keeping our surroundings clean and environment friendly. India’s first mechanized sweeping company, Lion Services has provided its services to renowned commercial and govt. clients. It is certified by international standards and has over 5000 fully trained cleaning professionals and state of the art equipment and machinery. It specialises in mechanized sweeping, providing manpower for housekeeping and other automated cleaning solutions for all areas, be it building exteriors, landscape or interiors. Lion Services does it all.

Gurpreet Dogra has been associated with Lion Services as Vice President, for some time now. She elaborates on how the organization is not only offering 360-degree solution for property management but also offers state-of-the-art monitoring system which helps track the work in progress and manpower allocation. 

Along with mechanized sweeping and myriads of other cleaning services, Lion Services also offers a web and mobile based application, with a futuristic approach and simple interface which makes it an ideal software for tracking and monitoring of ground staff. It’s real time monitoring and support feature ensures that an optimum level of cleanliness is always maintained, stated Dogra. 

She also mentioned about the Gobbler pro, battery operated litter picking machine, which addresses the litter cleaning needs of large facilities, like public parks, railway stations, airports, large corporate facilities, hospitals, archaeologicalsites and more. Under Swachh Bharat CSR initiative, corporates can come forth and take up these machines to keep the city and their vicinity clean. 

Lion Services is here with a mission to deliver world class service and create better smart cities and initiate participation to spread awareness among citizens of being responsible for the city’s cleanliness.

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