Kratikal Tech, InnovatioCuris hold cybersecurity workshop for Indian Armed Forces

Kratikal Tech and InnovatioCuris jointly organized a 2-day Cyber Security Capsule for the members of the Military and Paramilitary forces. The event was held in the premises of United Services Institution of India. The initiative was chaired by Lt Gen P. K. Singh (Retd.) and Admiral V. K. Singh(Retd.). The course included a healthy discussion on various domains of cyber security, Threat Intelligence on the Dark Net, Cyber Surveillance, Cyber Warfare and Penetration Testing.

The capsule was conducted by Prashant Pandey, Chief Knowledge Officer of Kratikal Tech and Sachin Gaur, Co-Founder and Director of InnovatioCuris. The capsule was attended by members of Army, Navy, Airforce and the BSF. The course involved discussion on some real-time problems faced by the forces, while safeguarding the nation. Majority of the threats were related to safeguarding the networks and datacenters of the armed forces. Problems related to security of data, endpoints and critical resources were also discussed. Solutions related to system hardening, network hardening and secure messaging between the organizations were discussed with the attendees.

Various possibilities of creating more opportunities for Public-Private Partnerships, think tanks and research groups were discussed. The capsule was followed by a healthy discussion towards the best practices for security of the People-Process-Technology triad of an IT infrastructure. The general output was that every defense personnel, irrespective of their role in the organization should be made aware of the basic threats and attacks, which can be launched by the enemy against military networks. “Being from army background myself, I understand the critical role cyber security can play in the information warfare. Such knowledge exchange sessions are mutually beneficial for both, the participants and the resource persons like us.” said Prashant.

The capsule ended by a parting note by Lt. Gen P. K. Singh, who thanked various heads of the organization to send dignitaries to the capsule. He thanked the participants who patiently attended the seminar and the resource persons involved.

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