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Knowlarity brings artificial intelligence to HR Analytics

Cloud-Communications platform only the second company in India to adopt AI in HR; Chatbot gathers intensive knowledge of employees’ overall emotional index through realistic conversations

Knowlarity has made a habit out of identifying disruptive technologies and incorporating them in its functioning quickly to avail the first-mover advantage. In keeping with its hawk-like skills of recognizing evolved technological products, Knowlarity has successfully implemented Amber, an AI chatbot built by HR Analytics start-up InFeedo, into its HR program. The pioneer of cloud telephony and cloud based business communications in India, Knowlarity is only the second company in India to adopt AI in HR to engage employees and predict attrition.

Knowlarity’s HR practices have been emboldened by the integration of InFeedo’s HR analytics AI software that has enhanced the effectiveness in engaging employees and identifying their issues. A chatbot par excellence, Amber has served as a virtual assistant to the CEO and has helped his HR identify those employees who need attention across Knowlarity’s Bangalore, Singapore and Dubai offices. It has been highly successful in gathering information regarding the emotional quotient of Knowlarity’s employees, identifying their problems, structuring them into easily consumable bits of information and assisting the CEO in taking decisions that involve predicting human behaviour.

Interestingly, Knowlarity’s employees were able to have meaningful conversations with Amber as it engaged with them not through some drab, mechanical questionnaires or form surveys, but by having free flowing and blended conversations where they could truly express themselves.

As Ambarish Gupta, Founder and CEO of Knowlarity rightly points out, “The core idea behind the success of any organization depends on whether the top brass is able to create a culture in which one and one equals three, i.e. the cumulative strength of the employee and the organization becomes much greater than its parts. The process of engaging employees is not just an art but there is a lot of science to it, and this is where InFeedo’s Amber comes in. Generating useful, fruitful, truthful and highly personalized information that is completely automated is what InFeedo’s product does, and in the process, acts as the sturdiest glue that keeps the organization strongly together.”

Describing the process of Amber’s inception, Tanmaya Jain, Founder at inFeedo said, “Amber has attacked the age-old problems of employee engagement, retention and company culture but with a refreshing solution that is meaningful to millennials in the year 2017. We are extremely proud that Amber has been successful in helping Knowlarity’s human resource teams completely cut down their time spent on feedback collection activities and instead focus their energy on action planning around the critical cases. We are thankful to them for trusting Amber and sharing our vision of making the voice of every employee felt heard and valued”

InFeedo’s AI chatbot Amber gives a complete download of all conversations to the top level management at Knowlarity who then analyze and interpret it to arrive at a well-informed decision. With her help, Knowlarity was able to retain 5 key employees  with the organization in the last 2 quarters. Knowlarity has greatly benefitted from her, which has significantly assisted the organization in achieving the transition from ‘I Quit’ to ‘I would love to stay here’, and bolstered its unity in the process.

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